New server

I think there should be a server dedicated to extreme realism
That server should be called The Pilot server This server will be for realistic takeoff and landing procedures as well as holding patterns in the sky around the airport.

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We have all of these on Expert.


Issue, that’s what the expert server is supposed to be for. Servers cost a lot of money, so the more servers, the higher the price of a subscription will end up being. After a while, the new server will be just as bad once people grind even more to get their. It would be dead too because they’d be even fewer pilots, and even the current servers are quite empty in certain areas.

This could also be something you’d be interested in. Perhaps give it a vote?


if the devs wanted to add another server, that would increase costs (getting servers, their storage, maintaining them, powering them, internet traffic to users, etc) for something that basically already exists

For the record, we’ve seen the devs make aircraft share sounds likely to reduce the amount of data that has to be stored, sent, and otherwise processed


As mentioned by others above, this server already exists which is the Expert Server.

You are able to access the Expert Server if you’ve reached the requirements for Grade 3 at a minimum. The Expert Server (as well as every other server) has real-world SID and STARS that pilots can use to increase the realism of their flights.

Additionally, the Expert Server is controlled by IFATC controllers who have to pass a written theory and also a practical test to become qualified to control on the server to ensure a certain standard and quality of service is met.

So as others have mentioned, in my opinion it wouldn’t be the most wise business move from Infinite Flight to stomach the costs of another server and all the costs that go with it, to have something that is what the current Expert Server already is.


If there will be a new server, amount of aircraft will decrease. Actually i was imagining to delete TS and add it onto some local areas of ES. Our goal must be increasing users and having realistic landings departures etc.

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The expert server use to be a bit more realistic, buttttttt… yeah. We have what you see today.

Perhaps in the future a server with better quality pilots will happen. Personally, I’d love to see a server where a practical test needs to be done. Similar to how IFATC needs to test to control on Expert. 😏