New server

How is this different from the Expert Server and what would make someone use this?


the difference makes that Ifc linked is mandatory so the server will be more realistic. and people will use it bc it is gonna be more realistic then the expert server now is.

Everybody keeps saying this, but how will this make the server more realistic?


There it is it wouldn’t people may be on the IFC but that’s doesn’t mean that they are educated on how to have perfect operations within the game.

if the ifc isnt linked, you can cut in front without ever getting a msg on the ifc. so you’ll be more careful because when your ifc is linked. you’ll get a message earlier and maybe even a message to your va/vo your in.

This is what Violations are used for. If there’s active ATC, they’ll get reported, therefore lowering their grade at some point, or making them learn not to do that. There are some flaws in this, but for the most point, I think that our current Expert Server is “Expert” enough.


but when ATC isnt active it becomes a mess

These are the flaws I’m talking about. Look, it’s perfectly fine to make a feature request, but I’m just making a counter point. I do think this feature has some good points to it, some that could maybe be implemented into our current Expert Server in the future. However, for now, the cost and other factors make me think this should wait.

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And how is this server going to fix the issue? If anything, the ATC at airports are going to be lessened by this new server.

a new server wouldn’t change this as said, your best thing to do is ignore, see and avoid. If you have any problems contact a sup who can evaluate the situation but i’m in no means saying that they can report them.

Maybe instead change the requirements and add new requirements for the experts server. Bc yea your right the expert server doesn’t feel like the expert server. I was doing VHHH-EGLL ok the Boeing 777LR. I was I was over the Atlantic track America west 757 going out M.86 came up directly below me and then decided to climb to my attitude and when I tried to descend it they descended and they I tried to climb again and they climbed to. I was super annoyed. I tried descending one more time and they finally stayed at thier alt: so yea I hope expert can maybe just up the requirements: when o clicked on there name to see thier stats it’s seen that it was there first time on expert as they only had 102 landings

May be unrealistic but we never know their intentions in terms of speed, maybe they was trying to get to destination faster because of a tight schedule? The guy your talking about is fresh out of TS/ casual, they tend to mess about when they first join ES. Sorry about that experience, happens to the best of us

I like this Idea, I really do. But they should just incorporate the GM/GN and other messages in all servers rather then create a whole new server.
Something that would be really cool is actually being able to talk with people in the real world through the game on a special frequency. You would only be able to talk if you can see them on the map. I know the problem would then be profanity, and users not taking the chat professionally.

Exactly. I can speak for myself, as I was once a freshy from Training (we all were). I used to fly 739s near Mach 0.86 and soon learned that this was WAYYY too fast. People need to learn somehow, and I honestly think flying on the Expert Server is one of the best ways to do this (unless you truly are just not ready for it). You have people to look up to and people to learn from. Violations are also major learning curves for pilots. I remember getting my first Level 3 violation in Santiago, Chile. It was horrible, but crafted me into a better IF pilot, and I haven’t gotten one since.

I think the main point is that people are always gonna troll or not follow the rules, but we could possibly implement some new features into the current ES, that might help some of the problems @Jesse0409 has brought up.


Let stay focused on the original topic, please. We are getting into suggestions that are already in other feature requests.

An entire server just for IFC linked profiles seems sort of cost-prohibitive. I don’t see how a linked profile will make things more professional. Look at the number of tutorials and guides on the IFC already and the number of people with an IFC profile linked that make mistakes, get violations, or even troll. A linked IFC profile does not mean you read the rules…

There is a large population of IF that is not on the IFC. With the increase of documentation and training on the website, I have a hard time justifying that being a member of the IFC makes you a more quality pilot. The IFC will give you insights that are not in the documentation but the documentation will tell you how to fly and not rack up violations.

Would you use an Apple product if they said you could only use their maps for example. Google maps was blocked. Or that gmail was blocked but apple mail wasnt. Etc. Some things look good on paper but are a marketing nightmare when it comes to application.


I think this idea maybe too costy…

Yeah, its not gonna happen, sorry about that
Even though I get your point

There is one downside to that what if there is a 10 year old that is a really skilled pilot but cant join IFC because of the age limit or even other pilots who just want to fly but not become TL2. Even I knew about IFC for a while but I didn’t join it until last June.

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To expand on Chris (totally not had a cogitation trying to think of adding an S to Chris without it being a plural… Chrises… Chris’… Chris’s… anyway)

To expand on Chris’s thoughts, I look more on the thought of impact this will have on the player numbers in each server. Since apparently grade isn’t mentioned, it could extract users from all servers meaning a lower player count in game which isn’t the point of global multiplayer.

To reinstate the fact that all users on the IFC don’t have perfect flying, and vice versa with not all non-IFC users are bad flyers, I don’t believe the Expert Server could become any more ‘expertised’ than it could whether it has IFC linked users or not. Maintaining safe speeds, flying, and other assests related to keeping your aircraft under control are in place as well as IFATC being given the full permission to kick someone a server on an immediate range from the session to 7 days (unless mutliple violations are handed out). This is why it’s said to be most professional in IFATC controlled areas when looking for expert traffic in terms of basic flying rules.

There are a handful of servers with the main public 3 being the Casual, Training and Expert Server. There are more based on productive means and things that would be helpful for users, ATC, and staff (which for the record this is mostly an estimated guess). Having another server with the required minimum bandwidth/data* for hundreds of users at a time would cost a surprising amount of money, and would be a loss rather than a profit in my opinion.

*Eg the more players, the more data that will need to be transferred across the server for each user
I don’t know much about internet terms, don’t bully me


A lot of the player base are still young (e.g. me at age 15). This means that many might not be allowed by the parents to have a community account at all, let alone interact to get to TL2. That would make it unachievable for many younger players who are perfectly professional. Some are even below 13 (the IFC age requirement). Yes, some of the younger ones are trolls/unprofessional/whatever but many aren’t, and there are likely just as many adult ones too. Not to mention that some even adults just might not want to sign up to the community - maybe the fear of spam emails for IF.
Also, where would IFATC go? The new server, or the current ES? Because either way, your abandoning the new server by having IFATC on the ES, or abandoning the ES by suddenly having ATC on the new server. To mix it… there wouldn’t be enough controllers I doubt.

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