New server

That’s my point, it would just become a left out Server which is a complete waste of resources and time. Reason why we have TS is to practice, casual is to chill, leaving the Current Server would have no use in our game so it’s best if we voice support for harsher requirements

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There are a lot of user with no IFC Acc… When we change the Expert to a server for only IFC Members then half of the players do not come anymore to this server…

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Nice idea, I’ve seen it discussed on the forum but there are two words.

Your right though, in my opinion i believe ppl should link it but i understand why due to personal or just some reasons which is why i won’t be voicing support for this, this part of the thread has Pros and Cons to it. However, new server is also out of question: in this time and age, it’s a no for me:)

Unfortunately I can say with 100% certainty this will not be added. At the end of the day with an IFC account or not we are all paying customers and have the same rights to enjoy the simulator being on the IFC shouldn’t have any in app benefits at all even if there are community benefits like meeting new people! Not everyone is old enough for an IFC account you have to remember and even more so not everyone feels comfortable having an IFC account for as said above “personal” reasons. Also and just to add in the most delicate way possible. Every single pilot I have ghosted as IFATC so far have had an IFC account which just shows even if you have one you aren’t a great pilot. I know countless people without an IFC account who no doubt fly like professional so in the end it just wouldn’t be fair. Not to mention it costs a lot to implement servers and just shreds money from the developers pockets which could go into other awesome features. Thanks.


It would be amazing to have communicactions with ATC. Doesn’t matter if is unicom, like microsoft flight simulator

Can you elaborate on what you mean by communications?

For example. During final app, when u said XXX is on final rwXX, unicom could say, roger, numberX, cleared to land rwXX. Don’t like when contact unicom and no responses received😂

What do you mean, like some automated message? Unicom is primarily used to send traffic advisories at uncontrolled airport and maybe irl some wind info which is why we have the ‘D-ATIS’. Ocassionaly unicom is monitored so aircraft may request taxi, but monitoring unicom at all uncontrolled airports would be time consuming for controllers if it’s not automated.

Yeah, automated messages, cause if u are taxiing and another aicraft is comming to a gate, if there is just a taxiway, i know. Common sense, first wait and then continue, but it would be great to heard ATC in those moments


ah yes ur right, that would be amazing

I mean in real life you wouldn’t get this, not a bad idea but i can’t see how an automated message can be pro-active to controlling ground conflicts or runway exits. It’s normally instinct that does this, not a bad idea though!

Don’t know. I’m just propossing a new idea😂. But don’t know if it could be solved in a near future with metal project… With the taxiways changing the colour from green to red or what. Let’s see

That’s because Unicom is for communications between pilots, there’s no sense in having ATC at every airport in the world if not everybody flies there.

Overall I don’t see this happening. If the servers were separated and a new one were to be created, then:

  1. There would be a massive drop of users on the new server making it “empty” as well as the former expert server being left to dry

  2. Adding new servers is costly

  3. Infinite Flight’s main goal is to have a world that everybody can explore with pilots all around them. If you switch the server order, then pilots are going to quit because of the lack of interest.

I can see what you’re going at, but in my opinion some extra accounts on an online forum shouldn’t decide whether or not a simulator is worth it or not. At the end of the day, all IF players are paying customers and all deserve to be treated the same. I would check out Jason’s reply on the topic linked below.


I want voice chatting so bad - although I know there will be a bunch of safeguarding issues that go with it, and it would have to be heavily, heavily moderated. But I reckon that if you got a team together of community volunteers who listen to recordings that have been flagged by users and take appropriate action… then it might work…?

But I suppose too that it’s already been said and the harms already been done, and even if said person is blacklisted from the game, what was said would still be there.

It’s a tricky one, and a feature that I would love to see coming, although I doubt it will anytime soon/if ever!

However, going back to the new server idea - I would love to see it! As ‘expert’ as the expert server is, there are quite a few flaws with it, and having a server where people’s contact info would be readily available would make them think twice before cutting in-front of someone etc!

Also forcing someone to have a community account would possibly make people on that server feel more like a community?

Anyway - its a great idea!! :)

Yes, your are right, but just saying that it would be great to see that, anyway, if a day i would like to fly to my city for example, i woukd like to have atc. Don’t matter if unicom or real ATC. Cause as i said before, if the airport just have a taxiway, and i’m taxiing to runwat, but you are taxiing to gate, i would like to have somebody telling me or you to stop

It’s too time consuming, having to work an automated atc which in real life does not occur seems unneeded. Your advised to act on instinct and avoid conflicts and not troll, no need for atc to be monitoring pilots, being part of IFATC has me made me understand you have to trust the Pilots. I actually like the vibe of hitting up unicom and announcing advisories, it provides a different feeling. For example, you wouldn’t need automated atc on a grass airstrip.

I think you’re talking about something else…

There’s a similar topic to what you’re discussing but for solo. When you reach TL2, feel free to make one and discuss there for Automated Unicom in Multiplayer.

Wow, didn’t see that, thanks man!

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It will be more costs for the Team, so it might not be something they will consider.