New server

for a long time, I always get annoyed by people who like cut in line on expert server, so I wanna message the pilot, but the
ifc is not linked to the account. so I was wondering, is it possible to make a new server where its mandatory to have an ifc account linked? cause a server can be more realistic when your ifc is linked. people can contact you and get to your va if it is that bad of an infringement to the IF rules.

some rules that should be mandatory:
-ifc account linked

  • above TL2 on the ifc
    -low violations/landing ratio

some ideas/features that can be a nice addition:
-global/regional chatting with with other pilots so flying becomes less alone! and you can chat about the flight you’re gonna do next etcetera.

  • more misc. messages for other occasions, so maybe a goodmorning/goodnight button to be polite. cause sometimes the messages wont work and your still trying to be nice.

Kind of a good idea, but I feel like that would take a lot of pilots away from the Expert Server, therefore not making that big of a difference. I see your point though!


your right, but I feel like expert server’s level of realism went down last few months/a year. so a new/higher server might be people to be more realistic and so getting a better/ more fun time flying!


Yes. A brilliant idea!! I would also like to suggest that only for TL2 or above member to join this special server.


ahh yes amazing idea! im gonna change that right now :)

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That seems exagerated


Even though this is not a bad idea, making a new server would take a lot of time, money and effort, and eventually the expert server we have now would just become unused because I can’t imagine IFATC wanting to control both servers. As for the IFC account, even though I like this idea many people make accounts and never look at them again, which makes it hard to give them feedback, and really takes away the whole point of the need to have an account. Good idea overall but I don’t think this will ever be implemented :)

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But some people may just make an IFC account and join this server and troll others.

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I dont think it does, since you can make an ifc account in 5 minutes and then fly on the server, when your tl2 it makes it a bit more realistic.


Also i would say that there could be more strict handeling with violations and report maybe an new version of Report if some one is talking forbidden stuff that the report extends to the IFC Account


Hey hey hey

I read ur topic and I once two thought that IF needed a new server and realized I was missing the big picture of how much effort and money it would take to do that. Also if you to up to that handy dandy Search Bar at the top of ur screen there is multiple topics very similar to this one but they are all unique. Go take a look at them!


not saying this is a sup just to see what other people are also saying about this topic etc.

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I am not sure if this idea will happened. Like Jason has explained that link your sub to IFC is a choice, not a requirement before 20.2, some people don’t want to show their username in some reason. Also, TL2 is a forum Rank, not means a Flight Skill, it shouldn’t be a requirement to enter an active server. All in all, I am pretty sure this won’t happen. Thanks


I agree on the IFC link, it should be compulsory. But making a new server relies on having traffic controllers move to the new server which means the current Expert Server would become like a TS. As for the ‘good night/morning’ you can find a thread which also has the same roots to your idea:

In conclusion, it’d take too much time and dedication, it would be best to change some requirements and make IFC compulsory:)

Agreed, pilots shouldn’t be restricted just because of their community standing, having IFC is more than enough


That’s a good idea. We need a name for this server 👀🤔

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you are right, but maybe this can be a long-term goal to achieve.

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maybe the expert and changing the expert to advanced?

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Point your missing Jesse is that running a new server, switching IFATC to that new server, abandoning the Current Expert Server, it would just become a casual Server due to the fact that non-IFATC can’t control; people would mess around it would just be an unfair experience. If you want to make getting Expert harder to stop trolls, voice support for new requirements to make this Current Server as the ‘advanced’ you like it to be. Wish you well:D

but the same happened to the current Training server, it just happens.

I found a reply from a different feature request and as is being said, it would be too costly and difficult as of now

Okay, so theres the problem that an new server would make the current expert server to an ts or somthing else. What about changing the requirements for the expert server so its harder to get to it.