New server for ATC.

Imagine a place where you as a simple user can practice your ATC skills without being totally ignored and spammed by people who don’t know what the most basic commands mean, without having to go through the process of becoming IFATC.

To make this dream a reality, I propose the opening of a server similar to the expert server (access after grade3) but with the difference that anyone who has reached grade 3 can access air traffic control but still can’t ghost/report.

This may have effects on the infinite flight live experience that I have not thought of, so tell me what you think below, please read comments before sharing your own.

Thank you for taking time to read my post :-)

I like the reasoning behind this plan but again, there are many regions. For me, I prefer doing IFATC training on other regions in TS1(especially the less busy regions like Hawaii, SoFlo). It would be needless to have another server for serious ATC while the expert server is here.


Unfortunately, I get the impression that this wouldn’t stop the majority of poor controlling and flying as a lot of pilots/controllers are grade 3 anyway on the TS and it doesn’t make them any better.

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That’s why on TS1, it is better to do ATC stuff in less popular regions like SoFlo or Paris.

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Still doesn’t stop those from entering those regions.

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Yes, I agree but it reduces the likelihood of having weird pilots in those regions.

I’ve tried going on less popular regions but waiting around for 30 minutes just so one plane requests takeoff and leaves isn’t much practice

I think that by the point someone reaches grade3 they have a basic understanding of how ATC in IF works and need more organised space than TS1 to get experience after getting to know the basics.

We had a TS2 for a while. It was nice and quiet and serious people could control on it but it had a fraction of the traffic and the cost to run it outweighed the benefit (I assume) so it was removed. There were around 6 people upset for about 5.45 minutes. Regardless what server it is and what rules are in place you will have issues. We just learn how to deal with them.

Not true. You can make it to grade 5 without ever touching the ATC button once! Grade shows activity, not quality.


You have a good point… I remember TS2… but it was just like TS1 with no different rules if I remember correctly

I’m pretty sure something like this was already talked about, it would cost to much money for FDS to create another server I’m afraid.

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Of course this would be budget drinker for FDS but I would absolutely love it! Always when I’m ATC on TS1, things go very very wrong.
But do note that without ghosting/reporting, trollers can just do 2 hours of XP farming in a 172 then do 20 T&Gs and they would get to grade 3 in a few days by doing so and with nothing to stop them on the “ATC Server”, they would start trolling here too so this “ATC Server” wouldn’t mean the end of spam requests to change frequency or landing on the other side of the runway.


I actually had no ide that a new server would take so much of the budget… so now I think that money is better spent elsewhere.

I get it from the point of view from ATC, but why would a grade 3 pilot fly on that new server instead of the expert server. That’s a though issue right there.

Maybe you might want to make a petition for this?

Because you can fly with better ATC than TS1 without the risk of getting ghosted. Here pilots and ATCs can still make mistakes.

No, after reading what the community had to say about this. It became clear that a new server has more drawbacks than advantages. So I’m leaving the idea to the future… it’s still a fun debate though.

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Can somebody explain to me why this isn’t gonna turn out just as TS1 did?


As I mentioned before…

You realise servers aren’t free right? - I think we need to support FDS aim implimenting new features, then expand on current.

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