New series (youtube)

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Should I make a new youtube series this is my idea:

I act like I have just passed my Pilots tests and am now up for hire. I start by joining a (rubbish) airline probably in the cessna 208 and work my way up to (probably) Emirates a380

Vote if you think this is a good idea

  • yes do it
  • don’t

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Sorry poll is not working

The life of a new pilot?

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Basically yes but I would start from nothing

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Why do t you use the poll builder?

The poll is at the top

Do something different everyday.
But what could you do differently?

Right so say I have done 5 flights I will then get an email from a bigger airline or get a new contract with the same airline

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Use inspect element to change the email so it’s from an airline.

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I can’t at the moment because my computer broken

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Why Emirates? I prefer Air Koryo
jk jk
Go Emirates.

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I am going to film it now

whistles Something like this on IF or something totally different.

No not really like that

Ok then I’ll be on my way.

Similar but not exactly @Bulba