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I am beginning a new series on my channel! I have planned it all out but haven’t recorded it yet. It will take time as the videos that are planned in the series need aircarft I don’t have!

Also it’s gonna be based off Aircrash investergations or Maday
Here is the line up. But please vot for which will be the first episode[poll max=20 public=true]

  • ‘Bomb on board’ 747-200
  • ‘Death and denial’ 767-300ER
  • ‘Ocean landing’ 767-200 (-300 will be used)
  • ‘Falling from the sky’ 747-200
  • ‘Pilot vs. plane’ A320-100
  • ‘The final blow’ A320-100
  • ‘Dead tired’ Q400
  • ‘Hudson river’ A320-200 (guessing this will be first)

Thanks again,


If you did the Hudson it would be amazing!

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I will try too, it will take a lot of time to do so as I don’t have the current region. I will probably buy the regions first tho

Do yourself a favor and try to save some money and get Live+!
It is so worth it.


I just still can’t believe the first 747s just fell out of the sky :-(

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Looking forward for your new series!.

Btw, You can check Allec Joshua Ibay’s videos also

Hope this can give you an inspiration to make your videos ;)


Thanks, I have watched a few of his videos.

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I am making a lot of polls ain’t i

to land a 320 without gear is so easy (IF not IRL) when i am bored i do it .
Happy recording!

Not on the list but the Northwest Airlines flight that crashed on takeoff from Detroit. Not configured for takeoff, I think it was called something like “alarming silence”. I voted for “falling from the sky” I tend to enjoy the episodes where everyone walks away. I learn from them all though…

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One rumor I heard was the PIC did not have a firm grip on the yoke a when he disengaged the autopilot and it slipped from his hands, leading to an unusual attitude recovery. I cite Captain Warren Vanderburg of American Airlines as my source for this info on the 742 incident in question. The 100,200s are safe aircraft just not very economical anymore. After all the POTUS is still tooling around in a modded 742.

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Wow 70 votes, I am going to have to put effort in to this. But that’s seems too hard jk

I watch him as well. You should use him for ideas.


How about Japan Air 123?

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@JakobaviationJr… MaxSez: Novel Idea. I’m not one for fiction though. I’ll stick with commercially produced “Crash Investigation”, UTube or similar RW features. Good Luck, great hobby. Max

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I m having som trouble with App Store so I can on,y do a certain number for the current time

Is anyone else having problems connecting to App Store I.e you can look around and stuff but when you buy an app it says “Failed to connect to App Store” my wifi is all good

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