New Series: Community in 5

Hey guys, I just launched a new video series called community in 5. This video contains everything that has happened in the past week. It also contains forum news, real life events, and upcoming infinite flight events! Please check it out, it would mean a lot <3
Here are the links to the video and the sources:


Global Flight:
20K Member + FNF Poll:
Forum Post Length:
Frontier Event:
Voyage to Brussels:
Air France VA Event:
AerCaribe 737-400 Incident:
787 Production Increase:
New Travel Ban Issued by Donald Trump:

Just decided to throw Trump in there? Lol


Well it is aviation related so yeah lol.


I can’t play the video: An error occured. Please try again later.


Hmm try copying the link:


Awesome it works, thanks!

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No problem! I hope you enjoy the video!


nice video it explains a lot if you’ve missed some stuff

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Awesome! It’s always amazing to see a video about the community

Thank you so much! Anything I can do to make it better?

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Hmm, From what I see you are using a (Main) scene with KLAX’s Traffic, Maybe you can hide the runway signs next time?

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Yeah I will try, is it in the settings tab?

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Yes, it is in settings

Oh okay thanks. Glad you enjoyed the video! Thanks for your suggestion

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I really liked it. :)

You forgot I made tutorial guides for ya’ll 😏 Nice job reguardless

Could you link me that? I want to see how you did them. Thanks.

pilot guide
ATC guide

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I like this news flash/briefing video. Keep it up!