New Scenery Update



Nothing looks different


Hi @Gavin_cx, everything looks fine in your screen shot.
If you see a Airport in IF that had Buildings drawn as 2D areas it is a old version that not full fill the current design guidelines.
Since August 2018 we do not draw 2D place-holders for Buildings any more. What you call “Dirt” is the underlying Satellite Image in 15m resolution. This won’t change until 3D Buildings will get introduced, and this will not happen any time soon especially not this year.


Ok I never thought about that thanks


How would one go about (and best) way to request a particular airport upgraded/fixed?


Unfortunately, there is no way to request an airport to be edited. You could DM an airport editor such as myself, but there is no guarantee we will edit it.

The end goal is for all airports to eventually be edited. That’s, well… a lot.


woow this is very cool I liked


Can we expect the return of the Singapore region with the new scenery?

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