New Scenery Update


I did it back in December 2016, it was overhauled again a year later due to alignment issues. What I did a few days ago were just some small fixes.


I just did a name change and some small runway fixes.


Sounds like the statistics given are faux news!


great job!


I’m on an iPhone 6. How do I restart the app? Thanks a bunch.


Just close Infinite Flight and go back into it!


Oh. I thought it was way more complicated. Thanks!


Oh Kilt you are relevant, but it looks like you missed when Val asked in slack to fil the survey. Have a look in #readonly channel and you see what I mean.


Oooooh. Interesting.


Whoever did terminal 2 for Incheon, thank you so so much ma man


incredible work, without a doubt it is a huge job that you do


Thank you all envolved.
Still waiting for the South America scenery update sometime soon.


I can’t wait for further improvements!


Thanks, Dalmo! ;)


Oooh, Trinidad and Tobago updated… heads over there immediately.


Nice some new Canadian Scenary 👌 awesome to see constant updates


Finally, thank you to whoever did that!


I’ve restarted the app 4 times and see nothing new I think it’s not updating mine


It usually downloads over the server when you open the app, I’m confident that it’s already on your device :)


Did it change terminal buildings from dirt to cement?