New Scenery Update


The new terminal at RKSI looks great! Thanks as all always.


Thank you to all at IF and the Airport Editing Team for these great updates. The number of airports rewoked is just awesome. Great work guys and very much appreciated.


Thank god! More updated scenery!


Umm… Airports, not scenery.


Still a pretty nice thing to have either way!


That’s great…keep working and I am still waiting for DTTJ an DTNH scenery update. Thanks to do it in the next one


Thank you to the airport editing team for their great work! Thoroughly enjoyed landing at runway 10 at MMGL today :)


Oh so they reworked LTFM just so happens I’m flying there right now I’m excited to see the improvements:)


its just a Runway number change at EGVN, it was in Good shape since June 2018.


Just a question : Why is the title named New ‘Scenery’ Update when there is no scenery update being said in this topic? It should be renamed to some kind of an airport related update with the team… But anyways, it is great to see a little suprise on our way too. :)


We’ve thought about this ourselves, guess great minds think alike ;)

It’ll most likely be named differently the next time.


Well, I think it is the “Airport Scenery” that got updated, and it is part of the Scenery of the Sim. But got your point @Kuba_Jaroszczyk


Yes! Gifu finally got an update! One of JASDF’s major airbases.


Nice to see you joined the editors team 👌👍


Be sure check out LFOD nice airport! my first airport!


I don’t have an airport done by me in this release. Maybe the next one ? :)


Great job thanks a lot. What improvements were made to LPPT?


Thanks for that guys! I feel like YMML needs to be looked at in the next one though, the approach into 16 is wrong. Cheers!


Looks like I was not mentioned. Hmm I think I was active in editing.

Oh well! Guess I am no longer relevant!


TNCA wasn’t improved at all. It still remains in the same version. I just did some small fixes.