New Scenery Update


@zooroo_fpv as told many times before, and as well in this thread: The Airport editing team does not take requests.
If you want to have a specific airport been edited the best fastest and mos appreciated way to get it is if you do it your self. It is not complicated in any way. It is fun. You will be in a friendly team supporting you in getting into it. It is very satisfying to fly from or to an airport you have edited yourself. You learn many interesting things about airports. And so on.
You’d look for the thread “Airport editing, how to get started” and follow the given advice.

Tom, Airport Editor


Nice did you add the new airport?


Noooooo YANN is being reworked. We can no longer go to space.


What new airport? No, I only did fixes to it. I haven’t redone it yet because the imagery is still outdated compared to what I’ve seen in my latest visit to Panama in December last year.


People, it has been repeated enough. This is NOT the place to request airports to be redone. There are 40,000+ airports in the world, which means it will take TIME for the team to edit and update them all. Be patient, your time will come.


I am able too pay my account on the 14th, if permitted


Noticed it!


Thank you i was waiting for Dominican Republic


Thank for the continual nice updated !


Yay EGPJ !!! My home airport


If you want an aitport ask here


yes you can still go on space! i did it yesterday ^^


Incheon Airport in South Korea does not seem to be complete?


We will work on it.Keep in mind that we have other airports to finish.


There is a new airport in Panama,


Especially me! 😃


perfectly well made