New Scenery Update


Who did PTY?


i’ve got this navigation update on ANA36 from Osaka RJOO to Tokyo RJTT😂


Many thanks to all you on the editing team for your dedication and hard work to the continuing commitment at making IF the best simulator hands down! When people see me playing on mobile for the first time, they’re always immediately impressed with the detail.
Then when I show them that you can fly to and from major and smaller airports, their heads explode!


Thanks for jard work who all of you gived for all players, thanks a lot!


Yes!!! I’m so happy! Thanks to the team. But!
LIRF in real life has 4 runways. 7-25 34-16 L 34-16 C 34-16 R. Why don’t you add runway 34C? Also, there is an old military base called Centocelle Airport (LIRC) it is no more active but it was good. Please add it


If it is not active, the Airport Editing team will not add it (per policy).



I’m afraid that LIRF has only 3 runways according to the latest imagery. The charts however seem to be outdated. I’m the last person who edited it and I can assure you what you’re seeing in IF was updated according to latest imagery.

If it’s not active anymore, our policy instructs us to remove it from our registry.


Myself, again. Nothing great just a few fixes. I’m responsible of any future changes to that airport.


Unfortunately there is not enough left from Centocelle Airport to edit it.
We stick to active airports, or at least airports that could be reactivated cause the are not scrapped. In this case there is not enough left.
Sorry to tell you cause I am the last to refuse a rural military airfield.

Regards, Tom
Military Airport Editor


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If you’re unhappy and/or unsatisfied with what has been given in this update, there’s no need to complain! You can edit whatever airport you’d like by joining our team of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure we have the best quality of airports! Interested? Click this link:


LEMH is in the repo for the next Airport Navigation Release. You’ll see it late February/Early March


yes! im doing it thanks




@Balloonchaser must of been busy to get his name up there twice.


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You got this on the runway?


All looks well from our end as well. In the future, please avoid posting that kind of stuff in this thread please. If you PM myself, I’ll always be happy to take a look at those kinds of issues for you guys.

Thanks for your understanding


Looked much better. Still need to heavily update ZGNN and some other passenger airports that has nothing but a runway with a taxiway by its side. Need gates, taxiways and aprons


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