New Scenery Update


You guys are the best you improved Peru airports and Chile plus Brazil,amazing job


Thanks for the update, but I wonder why you don’t update anything in Norway🤔


Because no one edited an airport in Norway. It’s completely voluntary, so they aren’t required to do squat. You can join the team and edit whatever airport you want right here:



I hope everyone is enjoying the new/fixed airports we’ve been working on in the recent days. Just to clear up some of the questions asked.

-Airport Editor Supervisor

Our team member and moderator @Levet recently edited this airport according to our registry, maybe wasn’t included in the scenery update. Please wait until the next one.

Just a name update by myself to comply with the recent honoring of Muhammad Ali :)

Most of them were redone my me more than 2 years ago, our team member @IFBR-Mauricio is doing some fixes/updates to many of the airports I’ve done in South America since I have almost no time for them.

The others would be eventually redone but this depends on who will be interested on working on them.


Hello in the next AirPort to fix for the AirPort Editing team is Bergen (ENBR)
Because in real life have this AirPort Get a new terminal.
Hope this Amazing team will fix that.


Have a look, please 🙄


Furthermore, realize that satellite imagery can be slow to update, taking months or sometimes years before anyone can begin to draw a new construction project. If Google Earth or Bing Maps have updated, I’d encourage you to give it a shot.


I am looking forward to flying at them airports thanks for the additions and improvements team 👍


Wow! I didn’t expect my home airport VOKN/CNN to be added within 2 months of the inaugural flight. :D
Thanks guys!


You can’t fix that problem, the issue is that airports are visible through mountains, not the airport itself


Thank you very much 😍😍😍😍💪💪💪💪


@Pilot_urp RJGG got updated again!


Yoo Rome and Milan are now improved?


Big thanks to the IFAET!


I apologize for it again.
This fix is adding one frequency…


yeah man you can’t forget about the real G.O.A.T. 😂


what about algers (DAAG) ? still no taxiway lines and no gates ont it


Be more patient @william!
It is not in the list of Airports of this update as you can see if take a look at the list in the initial post of this thread.
@Balloonchaser edited it but it hadn’t passed our internal review process in time to make it in this update.
It will come, just be patient.


roger that sir, thank you


Yes! My favorite airport has been updated!
Great update FDS and thanks to the airport editors :)


Ok i didn’t know that.