New Scenery Update


Check out CYVR. It went through a total rebuild!


Will do, looking at all the new gates tells me there’s change! :)


The international terminal expansion has been included for a little future proofing. 😉


YVR looks better then ever guys! Thank you for all the hard work!




Great job! Just curious, what was updated at KPVD?


PVD IS HERE! I’m so happy!


Well said! Exactly the reason I just jumped out of bed!


RIP broken VOBI, you challenged us like no other airport ever did ❤️


Great Job!!
Thank you!!


Cheers for the work team made my flights actually realistic in Nz with now 95% of waypoints rather then 30-50% before


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I did Anguilla; updated St. Maarten; working on St. Martin, San Juan and Saba… I can add St. Barth’s to my items to look into. It needs some other updates anyways with a few of the changes that came into the airport in the past year



Please stop your requests. Editors do not take requests under most circumstances, and to request large swaths of airports is somewhat disrespectful. Rather than thank your team of dedicated editors for the hard work they do and the large amounts of free time they dedicate to this project, you are telling them that what they have done is not good enough. So if any of you are considering requesting an airport here, I ask you to think about the amount of work everyone puts in for you, and express your thanks rather than wish lists. All of the editors enjoy doing this for you, but 1 large request can demoralizing. Editors don’t ask for anything in return for their work, but some thanks is more than enough to show your gratitude at their work.


Appreciate all your work editors! 👏👏

@JerryC happy birthday by the way


CAA8 Guys!! Especially the Canadians out there… Show it some love eh? @Balloonchaser ;)


Dude! Really?


Thanks for the hard work guys! Keep it up 🙌🏻👏🏻


Just a friendly reminder folks that this topic is not the appropriate place to request airports to be added/edited. Please see the statements posted by @Ryan_E . Consider reaching out to the airport editing team if you’d like to contribute and edit some airports. Its fun and is a good way to kill time if you’re looking for something to do. Thanks for the understanding!


Fantastic! Thank you to the AE team! You make the SIM better every time.