New Scenery Update


Well we just didn’t decide to.We don’t take request.You could probably edit before BCHASER and join the team


I talked to him about it. He said he would do it.


Another post, another unhappy day for @Transport_Hub


cool beans. keep it up everyone


I saw that mwe😜


Great job so exited for the new airports and features how can I restart my app😁😁


Just close the app and tap back in and you should be good!


On a serious note… can we get a different name for these updates? everyone jumps with joy that new scenery is out thinking its South America / Southeast Asia (@Transport_Hub).

Maybe Airport Scenery Update?

Great job to the whole team involved in the work that they put in! really appreciate it


Thank you I saw know it showd navigation data update appreciate the help😁


Guys is it just me or is the game faster know.and the strobes and lights on the plane and scenery more realistic know it seems like that to me I like it alot😁😁


Thanks for bringing the world to life, editors! I always admire the detail when I’m out exploring new airports.


Fantastic work and dedication. Thank you guys!


One question. Is it more realistic to do return flights as opposed to one way and secondly, should i use the home/base airline of the airport I am departing from? (E.g. BA/VS from Heathrow/CX from Hong Kong)? Thank you in advance.


KJKA my home airport I LOVE ALL OF YOU. 🙏🙏


Congratulations @IFBR-Mauricio and @Fellipe_Eduardo for the excellent work done at the Brazilian airports 🇧🇷


Thanks to the editors for devoting their time to edit these airports. Hard work does pay off 👍


Great job for making this app just getting better & better…but I really hope to have Indonesia’s terrain updated.


That’s awesome


Who updated KISP?


Nice job guys! I would also like to recommend to check over some Colombian airports such as SKBO, SKRG and SKMD which need some updates and fixes. Furthermore, there are still some important airports that are not correctly made such as SKCZ, SKMR, SKLC, SKAR, SKTL, among others. Congratulations still for that GREAT job you all guys are doing!!!