New Scenery Update


Thank you Klit 🙏


what was changed with Amsterdam?


Frequency’s where updated.


Added more frequencies that’s it 😉


brilliant! 🤩


Thank you for working.
We can play it so interesting!


Thank you all for the hard work!!! Would appreciate if RKSI will be updated next, still missing terminal 2 where Koreanair and skyteam members are using haha.


Thank you!!
Great update


Very glad to see an airport in Antarctica. Could make things interesting! Also thanks for more improved Canadian airports! 🇨🇦🇨🇦


I’m a bit confused as to how to use this but improving Prishtina Airport (BKPR) would be great. They’ve built a new terminal with new gates and parking area. Plus, they’ll be extending their runway soon (unless it’s already happened)…:)


Airport editors are just volunteers unfortunately, who can not edit every single airport. Gradually im sure they will. If you want you can improve it yourself


Hi @Florent_Flo,

unfortunately we have to wait for the availability of sufficient Satellite imagery before we can in cooperate such real world improvements.
therefore it will always take some time in IF to keep up to date with real world. If you want to know more about airport editing:



You guys are doing a great job! Thank you!


Amazing work guys!!😉
WSSS would be so fun to land there with scenery


Thanks guys


Thanks for the hard work everyone!

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