New Scenery Update


Work on KTLH please.



This RJGG update is minor update. It might be less than you thought.
I’ll rework airports that needs fix after I finish all Japanese airports.



Oh I see. Nevertheless, still happy to see RJGG become more realistic! Thank you for your work and dedication!


Great guys and please rework DTNH and DTTJ


Right that’s probably got something to do with the angle of the ILS. I’ll have a look


Great job!
Is there any scenery update


I would like WSSS to be updated


We had the same problem with runway 28R of KSFO inherited from the pre-global version. I reported several months ago and fortunately your colleagues solved it by the next update. On that case, heading showed 274 for runway 28R of KSFO whereas the true heading is 284.
Because English is not my native language, I guess you couldn’t understand what I mean.
Maybe sombody else understand and solve this.


Thanks for the great update!


Testing out the new RJGG!

By the way @Pilot_urp,maybe its time to take off that Santa hat?


Looks like the problem may be the Navigation database. @Moritz should be able to help here. Here is a listing of ALL Navigational data for KORD


You will see there are a lot of artifacts here. We would need to ask @ValXp how the ILS coordinate is calculated real time in IF then remove the extraneous points. Bottom line is we cannot do this without Val’s help


Red dots are the ILS positions taken from IF database


I would suggest for each airport where ILS exists that all of the other extraneous way points are removed from the “navigation.dat” data set.


Thanks for the continuous hard work you guys put in to constantly push out new updates :)


I’m sorry if this is not the place to suggest airports.

Can Indian airports please be reworked on and added to Infinite Flight please? Airports such as Pakyong (VEPY) (new airport near Himalayas, India’s 100th) are not included.

Another airport is Surat (VASU). This airport last year was India’s fastest growing with a 25,000% increase in flights. The airport recently had a runway extension, and in Infinite Flight the airport only has the runway (not the extended runway) and doesn’t have taxiways to the terminal building either.

I can understand that often such reworks in India are not possible due to imagery issues and just the fact that it’s a low traffic region, however, we would appreciate if some Indian airports could be considered at in the future.


This is quite simple. They are very very low on MY priority list. If you would like them done please feel free to join the editing team!


Thanks for the update


I would really like Singapore to get reworked in scenery
Not really sure if I should say it here

If there is any place where I could tell the community



Take a look through this topic linked below, and let me know if you have any questions. It should explain everything.


Great to see improvements!