New Scenery Update


That will be in another update


Thanks for the update Val!I wish I couldve gotten my Assigment out for this update


Next time can you improve LEMH? (Menorca)


@liad747 @rubinedan check it out


OMG, another minnesotan!!!


Dear Klit
I know you and your colleagues spend lots of time to improve the IF and make it more realistic. I appreciate you. But I and others like me try to help you do your efforts better. As I wrote in previous message, I report this issue (Runway28 heading sign) 2 times since 2-3 months ago. I feel you have misunderstood my report. The 273 which shows on the compass is true and 277 is wrong. This number in Runway28C and 28L is correct and is 273.
When you want to land on a runway specially in low visibilty, runway exact heading number becomes more important. At the time of reporting this issue, I had a flight to KORD and in low visibility I wanted to land on Runway 28R. According to this 277 I set my A/P heading to 277 and it led me to taxiway instead of the runway (weather was calm and wind was 0knot). For that reason I believe this runway heading sign is very important.
Sorry if I resented you and please look again to the image that I sent in previous message and following image from the very credible website; SkyVector


Thanks for your effort for improvement!! Great job!!


@turkish534 💕


Dear Sir,
We align our airports to the satellite images we have, we align our navigation to the defined images taken from the satellite generated airports. Everything else is created within the IF simulator. Our editing team does a superb job in replicating and fixing what we can. Anything else (like this parody) is outwith our abilities. It is therefore futile to keep adding this to our issues list as we are not capable of fixing!

If you are attempting to land in the fog I would suggest that you use the waypoints and fixes set up inside IF. These will align to the airport. As Navigraph always suggests (and the same will be true of the simulator)
waypoints, fixes and navigation (SIMULATION ONLY - NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL USE).



Beggars can’t be choosers pal:)


Thank You I appreciate all of the efforts and hard work that you all do ! 2019 here we come !!


Finally see an update on my home airport! Thank you guys! Excellent job!


🙇 thanks Val and the Nav team!!!


Finally, I got a new scenery airport in my home town - Daegu city, South Korea:) Thank u all, and happy new year!!


Outstanding work! Thank you Val and th airport editing team, for yet another successful airport update!


When will we have actual satellite imagery in southeast asia


Please see this post, also made for South America but still applies. Infinite Flight aims to purchase and install this scenery as soon as it is avilable from their provider.


Thank you so much guys! Finally got the correct fixes added to YMML. 💞


Nice! Glad RJGG was updated!

Bet @SimpleWaffles will be happy with that as well


Me and you are both happy, regarding that! :)