New Scenery Update

I love seeing all the Brazilian Airports for the upcoming scenery update!

Thanks for the update guys. :)


Thank You ! Great Job !

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You folks are amazing thank you

Great job of the editors!


Absolutely amazing work from our editors! The airport TVSV (Argyle) in Saint Vincent has also been renovated with a longer runway, hoping to see this in IF one day!

Hi- for those that are curious, is there a way to see a more detailed change log about what might be different at an individual airport or are these details not available?

Nice work guys! Thanks for the hard work!

I know scenery updates aren’t normally my favorite, but this one is great!

You guys forgot about KAVL again! Nice update though.

Thank you very much! I can’t wait to see it!

Great update as always for a crew working hard to get these updates!

for the sake of @Transport_Hub, i wish they wouldnt call these scenery updates and just call airport terrain updates


Really good news once again, but why is it called the ‘Scenery’ update when I only see new airports?

Thank you for this update. But by this update, I am convinced that your colleagues do not pay attention to the Airport Report Forms (that google form) at all. How many times I should say Chicago O’hare (KORD) runway 28R heading indicator is wrong? Its heading is 273 but indicator shows 277. I reported this 2 times with screenshots by the Airport report from 2-3 months ago and other airports issues but nobody pays attention to them.

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk - They are called Scenery Updates as that’s what they are… An update of airports and navigation (changing of scenery)

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Dear Sir,
we spend hours editing airports to enable IF to be as realistic as possible. You will see below I have overlayed the current version of KORD on top of the satellite image. They are EXACT. We the editing team have no control on how the IF simulator records the angle of takeoff, we simply spend hours making sure that the airports are as accurate as possible. You will see here that our team did a formidable job. Please got off our case!



Great job guys!

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Wait, so when is South American scenery?

That will be in a following update coming around the New Year

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Relax, and keep your cool. You aren’t going to get anything accomplished by creating a scene.

I live in Minnesota so thank you for doing that and keep up the good work!