New Scenery Update

There are no 3D Buildings. It’s just an update for Scenery.

Is there clouds now?


Nearly that is just fog.

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No. It’s just fog. It’s generated by the scenery cache as it isn’t considered a type of “cloud”.


Firstly, I’m sorry if my original message was felt as offensive to the Airport Editing team which spends a lot of time editing these new airports. You can say that I personally take these for granted, and as to answer your question I haven’t visited most of them.

Regarding my original message, I didn’t intend for it to be an attack on the people who edit airports and make IF ultimately better. It was intended to shed some light to the fact that some Indian airports haven’t been reworked or added to Infinite Flight. My last paragraph also emphasised the point that I can understand that often these reworks (especially for a third word country such as India) are nearly impossible due to lesser quality satellite imagery being available, and of course economic reasons - and that in the future the airport editing team does ‘consider’ Indian Airports when forming a plan on which airports to edit.

I once again apologise if my original message was perceived differently than intended. I’ve got a Mac so joining the editing team so the things would be a little tougher than anticipated, and besides I don’t think I’m suited for such a role.

Thank you for the work that you do,


Ok, accept your apology.

Just some points to be added.
Satellite imagery is not bad for the Indian region.
For civil airports there is good official AIP documentaries available.
And just yesterday I added VIDX to the repository so that it will be in the next scenery push. You can have a preview Hindon AFS.

It is simply not possible to work by request for the Airport editors. There are to many people all want there owen Airport of interest been edited, and we are just few, compared to the community we are nothing.

We all have owen priorities that we follow, some in projects, mine are airports that host one the military airframes in IF, another one is addicted to complete Japan like @Ben and @OrangeJuice, or @Nathan to New England and @bensonb to Australia. Some focus on Navigation like @ItsWill or catalog our work like @Kilt_McHaggis. Some are reviewing the airports to maintain the height quality like @Ryan, @Moritz and @dush19, and I am pretty sure I have missed at least two or more important family members. And normally none of them is working on request. It is stated several time in every thread. Instead of taking requests we invite everyone to learn the fascinating airport editing: Join the team.

Happy flights,


I am maintaining the IF Airport Library and fixing known errors as they come up!

Current list of completed airports:


Is there a place where I can report incorrect gate assignments at an airport?

Dont thank them well yeah do because they put it in the game but thank the people who re made the airports airport editing team!


Thanks for LTFM. My next expectation is more and more local liveries.

thanks! good work everyone!! 👏🏼👍🏼🙌🏼
Hamburg update, yay!! 🎊

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Hello again
I had a flight to LTFM (Istanbul new airport) today for the first time. I realized something wrong with the runways. Runways WIDTH are wrong in IF. Infact runways width put opposite.
In the real world, correct widths are as bellow:

16R/34L => 197ft
16L/34R => 148ft
17R/34L => 148ft
17L/34R => 197ft

Please somebody revise them for the next scenery update.
Everyone knows there are no complete satellite images of this airport in famous navigation websites, so I put an image just from runways 34L and 34R that shows their widths.

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Just updated widths. Values show in metres



Thank you Klit 🙏

what was changed with Amsterdam?

Frequency’s where updated.


Added more frequencies that’s it 😉


brilliant! 🤩

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Thank you for working.
We can play it so interesting!