New Scenery Update


Thanks for all the updates. Got a question for a airport editor if they could message me that would be great


Well done with your effort with the airports. But the topic is titled about a new scenery update. I’m kind of confused because I didn’t find anything about scenery, just airports and navigation?


Here you go:


Ok, nothing too bad. Just looks more bland and it would be a little harder to identify where gates are but I guess it could work

Is there a reason why these “building” outlines are removed?


Eventually the developers will add the buildings themselves. The only buildings remaining are the hangars which are in concrete to simulate the floor inside.


And this is what I’m looking forward to. Hopefully by 2020 or 2021. Hopefully.

Thankfully, I know KSJC well so it wouldn’t really affect me but it just looks more bland. Can’t wait for buildings :D


LTFM is New istanbul Airport right?


Thank you for the updates


Yes, it was created in this update.


Was LEMH worked on. If it’s not, could it be? There are no taxiways, hold short lines and gates at the airport. Plus, there is only one runway and not two.


No one is currently working on the airport, probably because none of the editors have any interest on it or is not a high priority. You can have this airport done if you join our editing team and do it yourself, it’s the most efficient (and sometimes the quickest) way to have an airport updated.


Thank you highly appreciated!




Thanks, Kate. I’m glad you like it! ;)


Thanks for updating kffz falcon field I go to civil air patrol there in the 305 squadron


I didn’t do nothing special to it, just removal of building shapes and other adjustments. But you’re welcome.


KLUK looks AWESOME! Thanks so much for fixing it!


Thank you but I haven’t seen any changes in the airports that I reported their issues in the google docs form ( ) many weeks ago.
For example Runway 28R of Chicago O’hare intl. heading indicator shows 277° whereas 273° is correct. I sent similar reports for UTTT and VVNB and … and nobody paid attention to them. Or I reported wrong runway number in Albany airport (KALB) few weeks ago and no attention to it as well. (Runway 26 in IF whereas in real world it is 28).


So glad to have gotten a few airports in this scenery push! You guys should all go check them out! 😉

  • CBQ2
  • CYBF
  • CYGE
  • CYPZ
  • CZJN
  • 23N
  • 2NK3
  • 49NY
  • KGCN
  • WN08
  • TQPF
  • HUAR

Please notify me if you see some things that I should fix.


Oh yes!
New Concourse A expansion has been added to KCLT in IF!

I’m so glad that’s been added!

Keep up the good work amazing editing team!