New Scenery Update


I don’t want to ruin your excitement, but these airports were redone long time ago, nothing has changed since then. I simply did some minor fixes and removed the buildings from them.

I have planned to renovate this one later next year :)


Nah no probs mate :)


Such amazing work as per usual!


Thank you so much!! it amazing the work that the team turns out with each scenery update. unbelievable!


I just love the comment, they should use this IRL, next time there is a strike, or system failure, or bad weather… :)
“Yeah, sorry mate, the airport is broken” :)


Good job, congratulations!


Great! Appreciate that a lot :)


As always, amazing teamwork!


What are you talking about “the buildings?”

There are no 3D buildings in Infinite Flight


Where could we go if were interested in signing up to the airport editing team?


I think you should go to this link


Thank you for fixing HUAR and HUKJ!


The unsung heroes of IF. Thank you!


For some time we editors have designed the airports buildings as taxiways, but we stopped doing that…


Yes there are “buildings.” We used to draw their shapes with the taxiway tool, but now we were told not to make them anymore and we’re in the process of removing them from all airports. Future airports will not have them either.


Do you mind showing me a picture of what KSJC looks like now? I’m at school currently


Great work! Thank you for your time and effort implementing these fabulous airports.


She is LTFB gonna be repaired?


Awesome to see my first four airports in the game! (LGIO, LGKC, LGLE and LGKJ). Make sure to give me feedback if you check it out!

Incidentally, could LGKJ be added to the “new airports” list? It wasn’t in the game previously


What changes were to KLAS?