New Scenery Update

FDS would like to improve the Scenery, as of now it’s only 15M. It looks better from a high alt. Lower it does get blurry as expected.

Patience is key.

I agree, everything is getting much more detailed.

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Just imagine if it was 5 meters

There’s always that one guy…

The debate about 2D buildings is useless. The programs we use for airport editing isn’t owned by Infinite Flight, therefore we have to use the tools given to us appropriately. The taxiway tool, which we used for 2D “buildings”, wasn’t correct for a long time. We actually had the developers specifically point this out to us. Whatever they say, goes. It’s supposed to be used for taxiways, as its name suggests. There’s nothing we can do about it. End of discussion.

Would you rather have blurry 15M imagery from the ground, or that disgusting copy-pasted ground texture we had in the past? I think I know the answer. :)


I would like buildings because when they removed it makes the airports look unedited!

Those were never “buildings.” They were just there to indicate them.

If you want “buildings”, vote here:

At least they looked decent enough

Wait until 3D buildings are actually implemented.

Not sure how it makes them look unedited. You’re in an airplane. You only need to care about the taxilines, taxiways, and runways – where planes belong.

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But detail is important for realism which is why I’m getting FSX!

Not sure why you keep brining FSX into another games forum. But… no.

Detail is very important, which is why Infinite Flight takes baby steps towards it.


Ok… but as far as we are concerned this is a infinite-flight community

If your not happy with the update, oh well.


There’s plenty of details at edited airports hence why the airport editing team exists in the first place.

And cool – congratulations! Not really sure why you find the need to continuously mention FSX as if we’re gonna moan about it… If you don’t like this simulator, then I’m not sure why you’re wasting your energy talking about it. More power to you, I guess.


What we, the airport editors do now is the best we can deliver to the people. As stated before, the tools we use to edit airports are only limited to taxiways, spawn points, taxilines and other things but the buildings. Just because we don’t have buildings yet doesn’t mean Infinite Flight is not realistic. This is the only mobile app I know in which you can travel to any part of the world.

Funny thing is…we never had buildings.


I’m going on about 2D buildings

All this time those were never actual buildings, just their shapes. Some months ago we were told not to make them anymore. All future airports won’t have them and the already edited airports will have them removed eventually.

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You’re going on about everything. Move on, everything that can be said about it has been :)


What new features will these airports contain now? I’m excited for this. I’m looking forward to Infinite Flight’s future, maybe even having airports with terminals, hangars, buildings, and functioning jet bridges.

VHXX/Kai Tak is in Hong Kong.


We currently use several materials to show differences in materials used for taxiways. If you look at KLAX you will see large expanses if concrete and asphalt patched together. Using the same materials for buildings makes it confusing to know (in some cases) what are buildings and what is taxiway. The buildings have been removed so it is obvious where the aircraft are meant to taxi.

3D buildings will come. If you prefer a limited simulation with attention to detail on buildings then you should use a different app. If you want the ability to fly anywhere in the world along with many other people then there is no better app than Infinite Flight. You can’t have everything!

Make your choice!

I have made mine 😀


Can’t wait to fly to some of these Airports!! Thank you guys!