New Scenery Update

Will there be improved scenery near Malaysia? Can’t wait to have a scenery update for Southeast Asia

Thanks to the devs and the scenery team for this great update with ALL of the US waypoints being added in via the FAA database!

Thank you.

But, why not adding LTFM?

LTFM have been added. But there’s currently an issue surrounding that airport causing your flight to crash. It will be addressed in a future scenery update.


This is great work and this is the greatest app. One question I have is regarding filling in the more detailed terrain for the rest of the world that still doesn’t have it, like South America for example. I think I read in the post for the scenery update in April that the intention was to have detailed terrain for the rest of the world by the end of the year. Just wondering how that’s going…

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@Ehsan_Khodaei be sure we pay attention to significant changes or issues we are made aware of. But with over 400 Airports been worked on the last two months we might not been able to do everything in your bucket list.
Your welcome to help us, join the Team: Airport editing

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The developers have said they will hopefully have the scenery by the end of this month and will push it in the following scenery update! But no guarantees, it may be early next year!

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Amazing! LZKZ got an update!

awesome job y‘all!!! 👏🏼👍🏼🙌🏼

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Would this update include South America? Or it will be a separated update?

That will be a separate update. The Infinite Flight Team is hoping to get Clear Full HD Scenery of South America and South Asia available to us before New Year’s. That’s the goal from the team but they are making no promises.

Infinite Flight gets its imagery from an outside company and they have been having a hard time getting clear imagery of some of these places due to smoke, smog, clouds, etc.


How about Eastern Russia and other areas lacking it?

There in the same boat, if FDS doesn’t have it it’s because it’s not easy to get, or it’s not in the budget as of now

Awesome work IFAET!!

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Great work guys. Keep working and I would like to draw your attention to that DTNH, an important airport in North Africa, need to be reworked.

This actually isn’t FDS (now known as Infinite Flight)'s work. The work done here is by a 3rd Party Group; under the supervision of the Infinite Flight Staff Team called the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET). We always are looking for assistance editing airports as well as updating the Navigation within Infinite Flight.

Join The Team:

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What’s the improvement?
Well, a lot.

Well, we could just have no airports at all.
Let’s be grateful for what we have, shall we?
Thanks for your understanding.

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Think of the change as a step towards 3D Buildings ;)

I don’t find the change that bad as the HD Scenery shows the terminals anyways

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they look terrible and the “HD” scenery of the terminals is blurry so it would make more sense to have the 2D buildings on it