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It really is, ppl are just to self-entitled to understand that hard work is put in to get an outcome


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You no vote for #features request @Justin


I can tell you that there is currently 1 Indonesian airport waiting to be added pending some final reviews. If you want any more than that, it is likely going to be up to you to contribute.

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Airport Editing Reviewer


I have spent a lot of time in the airport definition files for some tool work I am doing (not about airport editing but requires the airport data). Just based on that, I can attest that a homegrown tool would be enormous work and I’m only seeing a fraction of the problem.

And since I am here … huge thanks to the many airport editors, volunteer and otherwise. You make an amazing contribution!



For everything there is a way. ;)


Amaizing work Editing Team


It’s a good thing that many airports are increasing!Thank you very much.

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