New Scenery Update


I do have a computer, I just dont have infinite flight global, it dosent say on the page you posted


Amazing stuff!


Happy to see all these fields getting attention by the editing team! Great work :)


I really need to join you guys! If only I had a laptop 😂


@Vlad_Wallace, your favorite airport! his home airport


When will this updare will be out?


It is out now. Just restart the app and that’s all.


Great work but I would love to see the Republic of Ireland and the north of Ireland worked on more because they get forget about sometimes


@CR3W CYYZ got edited. Something you might want to know about.


why is that the terminal building have merged into the scenery? why the change?


This is because buildings are not supported in infinite flight.
Having buildings drawn out as pavement would cause people to taxi on them.


could there not be a different texture for buildings for the time being?


Unfortunately the tool used to make airports is not made by us. It has a certain format that we have to adhere to. So we can’t add any other textures because the tool is designed to draw pavements, not buildings.
We would need to create our own authoring tool but it’s a long a difficult process.


Great work, thank you very much editing team. :)


May I ask who edited EGNT?


@ValXp - the tower is still in the wrong place😂!
It should be that other white spot…

And thanks for moving the tower, to the correct place here too.🙂
Great work!!


Ahem @Chatta290 did I see an update to EGGD 😱😱 ?
This is great to see, not only has my home airport been improved but also so many across the world. IFAET do an amazing job as always and I would definitely recommend if you’re able!


I asked them to move the tower as it was located over the runway. Theyve moved it now, but to the wrong place😂😂.

As you may see


Nice to see another fellow Bristolian in this forum 😁

Yes the tower does need repositioning, however the rest of the airport seems to be extremely well done!


When I saw the word ‘update’ i suddenly thought that 18.5 has been released. Then I saw the word ‘Scenery’ and I went ‘OH…’

Anyway amazing update FDS!