New Scenery Update


These are all of the airports that I edited in this update. Please go fly around them and check out the awesome scenery and give me feedback please 🙂


Actually VHXX is belongs to United Kingdom or Hong Kong, but not China X_X

Good job guys 👍🏻 OKBK needs to improve with the fixs points and also now a new terminal established


In Turkey, there is one airport ordu-giresun, active airport, icao is ltcb… but in the game it doesn’t exist :(

I can confirm that it is not in the database. I could guess that it cause it is relatively new (2015) though not be auto generated, and not be noticed by an editor yet.

May be someone will care about somedays…

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Good work! lots of hard work!

Honestly, I apologize to everybody that I replied too late but I was looking through the post replies and it just bothers me to my core that people are complaining about not having airports that only they want yet they legit say “they don’t have time to make the airports, or it messes with my head”? It’s the most disturbing thing because these Airport Editors work their arms off every single night just to get one single airport done on time and as accurate as they can make it. All due respect, but it’s time for people to take consideration the effort that these editors put in. Its honestly the most ridiculous thing ever. I hope people start thinking before they act.
Thanks and sorry for the rant lmao ;)


Yea there will always be those people. The Airport Editors work very hard to bring us all these airports. As much as we tell them it probaly wont help to stop them complaining

Thanks airport editors for the hard work



Couldn’t agree with you more

Amazing job again by the airport editing team… Thank you and Well done! Hopefully more Indonesian airport will be improved in the future…

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Yes I agree with you about this they do work really hard but sometimes people do take it for granted and it’s sad that this happens

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It really is, ppl are just to self-entitled to understand that hard work is put in to get an outcome

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You no vote for #features request @Justin

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I can tell you that there is currently 1 Indonesian airport waiting to be added pending some final reviews. If you want any more than that, it is likely going to be up to you to contribute.

Hope that helps,


Airport Editing Reviewer


I have spent a lot of time in the airport definition files for some tool work I am doing (not about airport editing but requires the airport data). Just based on that, I can attest that a homegrown tool would be enormous work and I’m only seeing a fraction of the problem.

And since I am here … huge thanks to the many airport editors, volunteer and otherwise. You make an amazing contribution!


For everything there is a way. ;)

Amaizing work Editing Team

It’s a good thing that many airports are increasing!Thank you very much.