New Scenery Update

The buildings were removed, since we had been using taxiways to draw buildings which may disturb how 3D buildings render on these 2D ones

Note: This doesn’t change when buildings are coming


That’s the best flight simulator

I can finally fly into my home airport, and have it be realistic, thanks @Ballonchaser, now that the scenery update is out.

great work guys

So, hypothetically speaking, FDS could potentially make their own airport editing tool to add 3D buildings at some point in the future?

May be because you are still not in the Team @Gaby_Burnei?

Joint the Team!

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No thanks, i watch the full airport edit tutorial and it’s too hard, I do not want to mess my head , i have more important things to do , thank you.

this is a really nice job!

I’ve noticed every single scenery update that has been posted, you are always complaining about Romanian airports not being edited. I would honestly appreciate it if you took a few moments, just a few, to thank the team for their hard work. Without us, you wouldn’t be flying in any country at all with highly detailed airports.

Are you aware that there four airports edited in that country? (LROP, LRCL, LRBS, LRSB) If that’s not enough for you, please know that we are doing our very best to add all airports in all countries but we are only a team of about 100 or so editors; half of that or so being active all the time.

The world is huge so it’s difficult for all of us to get to all 42,000 or so airports in it. With help from people like you, it helps us reach the goal easier. Even if you cannot help, we will still reach all countries and nations big and small. Just give it time. Rome was not built in a day.

Respectfully, as always.


Lol I called it!

Thanks for the great work Airport Editing Team. 🎩 off!!

I really would like to edit some airports in my country Angola, but I haven’t really had a lot of time free to do it, how can I request?

The editing team do not take requests; they do the best they can in a months period.


Finally BWI is updated

Ooh! Non-CVG cargo flights maybe be coming soon from me!

awesome work guys!! .My homeland Philippines needs some scenery update as well :-) thanks in advance.

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may i ask what you guys changed?

Most of the changes on the list are simple border adjustments.


A big thanks to the airport editing team! 👍🏻

Thank you all for ur hard work. It’s greatly appreciated 👍🏿👍🏿