New Scenery Update


Thank you for the information


I will look into updating airports.


short question??? When the Istanbul New Airport is finished, will it be added as soon as possible? Unfortunately I can not do it but I would like to join in (no PC or broken Laptop)πŸ˜‘


Yes it will be. Most major airports are monitored closely


It will be edited as soon as the appropriate resources are available. Additionally, if you were able to join the team and begin editing, you would never be able to edit an airport of that scale as a beginner.


You’re right. I just wanted to say itπŸ˜‰


I diddnt get the update


You get the updated airports as soon as you open Infinite Flight! Airport updates don’t require an app update


Ahh i see misunderstud thx


I had to get a new device but loving the last two updates.

The frequency codes was a great add-on, whoever had that idea gets kudosx2

It almost makes me long even more to have voice activated atc, either between real players (pilot to atc) or if atc is unicom, even simple voice commands.

But to go one further, being able to communicate with other pilots would be epic.

IF is always improving, I feel like ATC has so so much more to give us.

Just wanna thank all of you that put so much work into this. From launching the app, getting my aircraft and filing my flight plan, take off to landing, I’m amazed at what you all accomplish!

The future is bright for IF.


Yay infinite flight will be even better


Very looking forward to it


Already updated to your device. Check out the airports above


Oh Boy do I love LIVEFLIGHT. N51, KORS, KMTP, and 0NK3 are ok to I guess. 😏


I am new to the infinite flight community. Thank you for all the hard work. This sim changes lives in a therapuetic way. Thanks for all the updates


Wow!! RJCC!! Great work!
Thanks a lot!!


Ahh, more realistic dynamics to the game!!


How much better are they?


Love scenery airport updates


More Indian airport scenery are need to update especially VOCI.cochin int airport