New Scenery Update

Now I will love to fly to you airports!

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Thanks to the team for great work as always😀
Fly safe

Thank you for your hard work and you are amazing!

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Thanks to everyone, can’t wait to fly to and out of KDAL.

How are the frequencies updated at San Francisco?

Eyy, my local aerodrome. :D

Since IF supports multiple frequencies now I added additional frequencies to allow the use of the feature in IF

N51 -



PS: The concrete on the left is supposed to be grass but Infinite Flight doesn’t support that yet.

This is just one of the airports that I created… It really is amazing to see your work come into the simulator… I would highly recommend Airport Editing to anyone who wants to help out! :)


Oh trust me. I will definitely be doing it once I get a computer. 😁

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Well done team! I am going to enjoy them!

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I’m meant to but I need to motivation to complete a military base. I’ve only done 4 or something so far


That’s awesome! I’ll be definitely be flying to one of those airports!

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Or you could just fly to all of them 🤪👍


Can’t seem to find ENBJ? Been searching but the search won’t find it.

Regards Tom

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ENBJ appears to be a heliport.


thx for all guys,
I hope French guyana, Cayenne (SOCA) will come after
(still no gates on it)

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  • KBQK

Thank you to whoever did KBQK (who did it?) I cannot wait to fly out of there.

Please update KBWI. Its in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area.

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It was updated a few weeks ago in the latest update


I think it’s updated but…