New Scenery Update


Now I will love to fly to you airports!


Thanks to the team for great work as always😀
Fly safe


Thank you for your hard work and you are amazing!


Thanks to everyone, can’t wait to fly to and out of KDAL.


How are the frequencies updated at San Francisco?


Eyy, my local aerodrome. :D


Since IF supports multiple frequencies now I added additional frequencies to allow the use of the feature in IF


N51 -



PS: The concrete on the left is supposed to be grass but Infinite Flight doesn’t support that yet.

This is just one of the airports that I created… It really is amazing to see your work come into the simulator… I would highly recommend Airport Editing to anyone who wants to help out! :)


Oh trust me. I will definitely be doing it once I get a computer. 😁


Well done team! I am going to enjoy them!


I’m meant to but I need to motivation to complete a military base. I’ve only done 4 or something so far


That’s awesome! I’ll be definitely be flying to one of those airports!


Or you could just fly to all of them 🤪👍



Can’t seem to find ENBJ? Been searching but the search won’t find it.

Regards Tom


ENBJ appears to be a heliport.


thx for all guys,
I hope French guyana, Cayenne (SOCA) will come after
(still no gates on it)


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  • KBQK

Thank you to whoever did KBQK (who did it?) I cannot wait to fly out of there.


Please update KBWI. Its in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area.


It was updated a few weeks ago in the latest update


I think it’s updated but…