New Scenery Update

True, but FDS still rocks ;-)


You guys are awesome, new places to explore! :)


I got so excited when I saw “new topic…” 🤪 then “scenery update” 😑

Well, good job team, keep it, but maby work on your timing a bit… 😉


Hahah, thought the same too😂😂.
We wish…Maybe soon as they say


Great job again guys

Thanks for all the hard work guys! I can’t wait to fly to and from these new airports.

Another Montana one! This is awesome! I would really like to know who is editing all of these airports from my home state.

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I saw the word update and freaked out.

Still love these types of updates though! great job team!

I just saw 2 days ago that KSFB had been stripped of the few developments it had…was a little bummed.

So happy to see it got some love. Great job! Lots of spawns and great detail. Thanks so much!

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very great to see the new scenery update :) great job editing team

Its great to see some Greek airports been reworked. Thank you guys! Amazing work and appreciate everything you do. Keep it up!! 💪


Nice to see that San Francisco is getting updated. I don’t want to park in incorrect Gates to those in real life.

SWEET! You guys rock!

Some do one and submit for review or push it to the repository (supervisors only). Others do multiple at a time. It depends on how many airports get accepted at one time though. A normal editor could submit 5 airports at once and only have 1 accepted.

Personally, I just push one airport to the repository. If I am doing a cluster of small and quick airports, I would usually drop 5 or so at one time.

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I’d love to help out! How can i do that?

Everything you need to know can be found here.


It was actually just completed today and is currently in our repository. You’ll most likely see it on the next scenery update. :)

Credits to @NetJets_Nick


New scenery update today

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Yes… There is :)

Hope you enjoy it ;)

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I was thinking wouldn’t it be better if this be renamed Navigation and Airport update?

When I see scenery I instantly think new scenery not airport/waypoints if that makes sense. I know it’s a small thing but I guess it would be easy to change.



WOWOWOW! KSFO looks sooooooo good!!! The team did such a good job!