New Scenery Update


Today we pushed another update to the navigation and airport database.
You will need to restart the app to receive the updated navigation database.

This database contains all the airports and their ATC frequencies and navigation data such as: Fixes, VORs, etc.

112 airports have been worked on for this update thanks to the Airport Editing Team.
This means that for these 112 airports, some might contain fixes that have been reported in the community and some are totally new airports that we didn’t have previously.

Airport editing is a constant work to keep up to date with real world changes and adding more airports to Infinite Flight. The Airport Editing Team is doing an amazing job at adding content to Infinite Flight and anyone can join to help adding new airports or improving existing one.

If you would like to help, you can start here:

Here are the people that deserve our thanks for their hard work:


And finally a list of improved airports:


  • SBBH
  • SBCB
  • SBJP
  • SBSR
  • SICK
  • SNKP


  • CCC5
  • CYYC


  • OTHH


  • LICJ
  • LIME
  • LIMF
  • LIPO

Czech Republic:

  • LKKV


  • EYVI

Costa Rica:

  • MRAO


  • LFBO
  • LFLL
  • LFML
  • LFNR
  • LFPX


  • LSPH
  • LSZH
  • LSZR


  • EIDW
  • EINN


  • ENBJ


  • SEQM

Saudi Arabia:

  • OERK


  • EDDC
  • EDDM
  • EDDN
  • EDDP
  • EDDS
  • EDDT
  • EDFH
  • EDHK
  • EDJA
  • EDMO
  • EDNY
  • EDOP
  • EDPK
  • EDRZ
  • EDSB
  • ETAD
  • ETSI


  • UDYZ


  • ZSAM
  • ZURK


  • LECH
  • LECN
  • LECS


  • EHAM
  • EHVB


  • SCEL


  • LUKK

United States:

  • 00CA
  • 0NK3
  • 0TS2
  • 9LL1
  • ID50
  • KBQK
  • KCAR
  • KDAL
  • KFLL
  • KGNV
  • KLAX
  • KMTP
  • KORS
  • KOYM
  • KPHX
  • KSBY
  • KSFB
  • KSFO
  • MT73
  • PN33
  • PS54


  • FYTT


  • LDZA


  • TFFB


  • UEEE
  • UESU
  • UHBB
  • UHHH
  • UHMA
  • UHMM
  • UHPP
  • UHWP
  • UHWW
  • UIII
  • ULAA
  • ULLI
  • UNEE
  • UNKL
  • URRP
  • UUEE


  • EEHU

South Africa:

  • FAPE


  • VE67


  • UBBB

United Kingdom:

  • EGEF
  • EGLG
  • EGPW


  • LGAD
  • LGIR
  • LGRP
  • LGSA
  • LGSR
  • LGZA


  • RJCC
  • RJSH

South Korea:

  • RKJB

KSFO Update
New runway at UUEE?


Great job as always! Thanks for working so hard on these airports!


Whoa! Awesome airports guys! You guys should go check out mine :P
N51, KORS, KMTP, and 0NK3


Thank You for all your amazing hard work!


Always impressed with the Airport editing team!


KDAL made it in this one!


Very happy that SEQM was re-edited. Looking forward to flying there more. Great job to the airport editors!


Another great scenery update! Thanks team!


who else saw announcements and thought the tbm came out?


Question for airport editors - Do you all just build a ton of airports and release them at once or do you slowly release them after you get one done?


Wish KJKA would be next!


@NonBinarySkyYT we will have to wait and see!


Great Work! But we need the TBM to get a nice view of the work you did!!!


EIDW Cargo apron looks so good !!


Glad there’s another scenery update! However, KBNA still is not finished! When can I expect KBNA to FINALLY be edited?


You guys can check out all of those General Aviation Airport’s just fine with the C208 for now


It’ll be finished when the editor who’s working on that airport completes it. Airport editing is a volunteer based activity. You’re more than welcome to lend a helping hand and edit some airports that you’d like to see with some top tier quality.


Dont you love it when your favorite airports get updated? :-)



Correction, Airport Editing Team, not FDS