New Scenery Update


Thanks guys! I am a new member of IFAET and I encourage you to join it :)


Yes! Flying to the updated KORD, can’t wait!
track me, Callsign Bluestreak 5377, took off from KBDL an hour ago


Thank you so much for the BWI update!!!


I am excited to do some flying out of the updated KBOS, I already looked at it, and it looks great


You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!


Thanks you guys for doing NZNR


NZNR looks great now i can taxi to the runway thanks guys


KBWI Already 4 and 22 runways removed thanks


Great Work Guys! Keep up the Good Work! 👍🏽


Your welcome @TK_ARMY took me quite a few hours ;)


What a Good update thanks FDS!


South America doesn’t have the 15M Scenery. FDS are always working to try and get good imagery for it, but due to heavy amounts of smoke, clouds etc. It’s not easy to come by.


No need for such language. You are more than welcome to help in editing airports in South America if you feel the urge!


Not sure how I missed this! Appreciate it, guys!


And to think you lead me here the day before it was updated… 😂


But is it that easy to edit?
Just asking.


Small airports - yes. Like 10-15 minutes once you get the hang of it.


Ok cool i will try it… after 12 days cause my pc is in Emarate and i currently live in egypt.


Listing of ALL IF Edited Airports has been updated.


10 is a bit fast for most veteran editors. I’d give an estimate of ~1 hour for a full tear down, including pre submission checks. If you do it in 10, it will likely cost you time later, to find and clean up mistakes pointed out in review.