New Scenery Update


I just flew out uf bwi rn and it was amazing


I can finally do MHT-BWI :)


SBKG its so great! Thank you @IFBR-Mauricio


especially happy with this one! :) thanks a ton for all of the hard work guys!


I am very grateful and happy with all of the hard work the editors put into all of these airports. Thanks guys!


EFHK smirks let’s go ;)
Thanks to all the editors!


KORD looks great! You even got the new L Stinger Gates!


Amazing job guys!!! I’m liking KORD and KATL a lot!!


from KSFO right?

Great job editors!


This is not the place to complain and/ or request. If you would like to help out, you are welcome to join the editing team.


True!! But this is not a place to request them!! If you cant help the Airport Editing Team, the only thing you can do is wait for them to add those airports. Be sure…they will!!


Actually yes! I’ll do KDAL-KSJC, KSJC-KDAL, KDAL-KSFO, and KSFO-KDAL!

I’ve been waiting for KDAL to be edited for a long time!

But seriously, trying to trigger me, @BobbyRobert ? XD


Thanks for adding YSOL!


I pay a lot of respect to all of the developers who participated in the update of these airports. Not close to any of these nor do I use them but I will be sure to try flying out from one of them! Good job to all the “Devs”!


See above. They’ll get there eventually!


This is amazing I would like to once again thanks te editors and staff for making this sim more amazing then it already is :)


Great job Airport Editing Team.


Where do we report fixes that are not in the game


Thanks for your guys hard work!


you nailed KLSV! 👏 keep up the awesome work.