New Scenery Update


Today we pushed another update to the navigation and airport database.
You will need to restart the app to receive the updated navigation database.

This database contains all the airports and their ATC frequencies and navigation data such as: Fixes, VORs, etc.

86 airports have been worked on for this update thanks to the Airport Editing Team.
This means that for these 86 airports, some might contain fixes that have been reported in the community and some are totally new airports that we didn’t have previously.

Airport editing is a constant work to keep up to date with real world changes and adding more airports to Infinite Flight. The Airport Editing Team is doing an amazing job at adding content to Infinite Flight and anyone can join to help adding new airports or improving existing one.

If you would like to help, you can start here:

Here are the people that deserve our thanks for their hard work:


And finally a list of improved airports:


  • SBAN
  • SBAR
  • SBCA
  • SBCG
  • SBCY
  • SBGO
  • SBIL
  • SBJF
  • SBJU
  • SBJV
  • SBKG
  • SBMQ
  • SBPJ
  • SBRF
  • SBSL
  • SBUL
  • SBZM


  • CYCZ
  • CYYG
  • CYZU


  • MPTO


  • LFQQ


  • MYSM


  • UTTT


  • YMML
  • YSOL


  • MUSA


  • VH84
  • ZSHC


  • SCHL
  • SCIE
  • SCSL


  • EDDF
  • EDDT


  • GEML

DR Congo:

  • FZQA


  • LTBA


  • EFHK

United States:

  • KAQW
  • KATL
  • KBAF
  • KBMG
  • KBOS
  • KBWI
  • KDAL
  • KFAR
  • KGBR
  • KGDM
  • KGHG
  • KHNB
  • KLSV
  • KLUK
  • KLWM
  • KORD
  • KPIE
  • KPIT
  • KPSF
  • KSAN
  • KSFB
  • KSTC
  • KTAN
  • KTPA
  • KXMR


  • GMAD


  • EVGA

New Zealand:

  • NZCB
  • NZNR


  • UHSH
  • URRP
  • UWPS


  • OPIS


  • EEHU


  • VYMD


  • VEGT

United Kingdom:

  • EGCB


  • RJA1
  • RJDT
  • RJFN
  • RJOI
  • RJSI
  • RJSR
  • ROKJ
  • ROKR
  • RORH

South Korea:

  • RKPC
  • RKSO



Yes! More scenic routes to enjoy! Great Job editors, and all who contributed. 👍 I’m extra happy that KATL got a little more improvement, as being the worlds busiest airport.


Glad my first airport is featured! Thanks guys. Glad to be apart of the team!!


Thanks so much for rework my home airport!


@schyllberg you can officially stop pestering me now


Thanks for this airport! I really want to see what it looks like before the fly there for the first time!!! Also, well done to all developers involved! You do an amazing job keeping this game sensational!


awesome job as always, Been waiting a while for KBWI and it looks great


@ewanfleming I don’t know how you did it but well done on KDAL actually being approved


I’m now having a trip in Hangzhou and it is pushed just in time, can’t wait to see it!


Great work Airport Editing Team! Very excited to see DAL updated as a home airport. great job to all involved!


Great work Editing Team! I look forward to seeing the amazing work you have done and what is to come! Thank you for all you do!

@KPIT are you excited?!


See’s KBWI. I’m about to start crying of happiness. 😭😍


Don’t worry. I’ll find something else :)


I was actually talking to one of the airport editors about it. As far as I am aware it just added ATIS frequency and departure I think wich were weirdly missing. The actual airport is already pretty much edited to perfection by Levet…


Oh, hmm. Well, it’s still something I guess!
I was gonna say, KPIT is basically complete lol


All the better for my event… 😼


Congratulations to all who worked hard to make the infinite flight better.


BWI! Thanks a lot team!



KDAL (Dallas Love Field) is finally updated!!!

Can’t wait to fly to and from there!!!

Thanks a lot IFAET!!!