New Scenery Update


Did you enter your data in the form provided on slack? That might be the reason you weren’t mentioned


Well I was away this week, so that might be it. Thanks for letting me know!


I wasn’t requesting but that gets me thinking😂


Hope you guys enjoy the newly reworked version of LDZA today!


Man, I really want to play again with the new updates! Sadly, even though I have a current subscription; due to work and a move to Canton GA and no internet connection until Tuesday. My grade has tumbled to 3 from 5. My mobile data is almost to the limit with 7 devices and my kids so I’ll have to wait until Tuesday to try the CRJ9. BUMMER!

Before anyone says get unlimited, I say try paying for that on a family plan with 7 devices and that’s a car payment, or rent/house payment LOL


Thanks for the update guys! Brilliant work.

Can i request scenery data and airport fixes and navigation data for FIMP, Mauritius. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport please?

Many thanks.


You can request many things, the airport editing team doesn’t work on requests though. The only way to make sure things are added soon is adding them yourself by joining the team


I love the new update


Will FDS ever be able to get topographic terrain above and below 60N and 60S?


It is all being worked on slowly for near-perfection. It takes time and makes patience our only option. :) The devs main goal is to eventually cover the whole globe in IF with 15mm satellite imagery. :)


Ummmm… can someone please contact me regarding some kind of inaccurate changes to KFAT?


You might want to talk to the airport editing team. :)


Not all heroes wear caps👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽I highly appreciate your hard work guys (Airport Editing Team)!

Btw, keep eyes 👀 in Luanda, Angola. Since a new International Airport is basically done with the constructions, I guess they are just waiting for the ICAO approvals and other responsible institutional bodies to start operations.

Congratulations again 🎉