New Scenery Update


Would there be a new route in the new update in the future? (GZP - Gazipasa Alanya) Airport?


Great job with the new airports and fixes cheers to you guys


I finished KBNA the day that the scenery update came out. I was literally a few hours late. Sorry for causing you such distress!


So ye admit that ye only fly on casual do ya…l wonder what Commander Montgomery Scott would think about that…laddie !!!


He would think that it is admirable that I get all these airports edited, cataloged and can also be a Grade 5 pilot at the same time. 😀


What is this circle around EDDF ?


what circle? please include a picture.


Click and read the NOTAM. There’s an event for VA’s tomorrow at EDDF. It’s going to be very high in traffic, so they’d prefer the stragglers to stay out, or be ready to be in long holding patterns and follow ATC instructions to the dime. Be at FL150 and 240KIAS when you’re 50nm from the airport. You’ll need to plan your gate and taxi procedure. You will be ghosted for ignoring the rules.

Yeah, it really is that simple to read.


@Kilt_McHaggis I think he’s talking about this

The notam.


This new update with upgraded LOD and IF is running super fast for me online now with not the slightest lag, I love you Infinite Flight ❤ im able to fly smoothly online now!


what has been done to kstl haven’t seen a difference


Apparently a tweak for Gates C15-C27


I’m sorry if this is late (just logging into IF after coming back from vacation) but still see the poor graphics in South America. Can someone help me?


Sorry, South American was not updated, but they hope to have that done as soon as possible!


@ValXp If you could add me to the editor list I’d be very grateful :)


I see. But I logged into SBGR, wasn’t that pushed into this update?


It’s not the scenery that got an update, but the airport layout (taxiways, runways, gates,…) got reworked.


Uhm, the airport layput may have been updated, but there were no changes to the satellite images…


WOW. All this time and energy I have been putting into those South American Satellite images and they didn’t even post them. I spent weeks in Brazil alone just taking terrain images and stitching them together on the server! Oh well, maybe I will see the fruits of all my work in 2020. :) [A touch of sarcasm - We only make changes to items within the boundary of the airport]


If you photographed all of Brazil in something discribed as “weeks” you must have used magic… 😂