New Scenery Update


Thank you so much for this update. I’m happy to see more and more airports being fixed or added! I’m kind of disappointed that KBWI wasn’t fixed but what can I say! I’m super excited to see the changes! Keep up the great work!


Go share some love with KISP! ❤️


@IFBR-Mauricio Thank you for editing the airport of Juazeiro do Norte (SBJU) that is a screenshot of a friend of mine. Congratulations on the edition ! 😁👏


Awesome job airport editors! Thanks for all your work guys, I’m definitely going to pop down to a few of these airports!


Was kind of disappointing to see that some major airports like KBNA, KBWI, and other US class bravos weren’t updated but some regional airport in the desert was! But after all it’s not too bad.
To make it clear: I am not requesting airports!


Aren’t large airports always getting updated IRL? Cause of they did that i don’t think we would get smaller destinations. It’s also kind of a way to get us out of our comfortable areas. Cause that makes every airport experience new instead of like me always flying one route which i kinda do often.


Great! But sadly no Malaysia yet 😢


When I read the title I thought the south american scenery was being released hahaha. I was gonna say…that was fast.

Excited to check out the new airports though. Just departed EIDW for SBGR.


Thanks to the team! 🙂


We all really appreciate the hard work and attention to details.

Thank you


Your disappointment precludes you. If you wish to be happy come join the team. I think I am now in my 3rd year of this facelift of the awful XPlane auto generated airport collection. Some real good guys in the team and a lot of dedication.

Biggest problem with airport editing. One gets so engrossed in the work that one quite often flies past the intended airport in IF and then requires emergency simulation to get the aircraft landed!

Of course you will only see me in Casual since I would otherwise rack up so many violations otherwise.


You guys are doing such an amazing job. Thank you for all your hard work!!


I love this but there is one airport I will always want updated, KBWI.


This is so awesome to see!
Great work and Thank you to all the Airport Editors for making such beautiful Airports in sight :)


Hi @Carter_Ormsbee,
this is not a place for requesting airports. In General the editing Team does not take requests anywhere. ;-)
But you are a lucky guy! Some days ago a Editor decided to care about this one…

regards Tom


So when it’s said that “KLAX” was edited, does that mean waypoints or just ground/taxiways/gates etc?


@FBWFTW Airport and Navigation editing are to separate processes. The best way to find out for you is to test-fligh the Airport. ;-) @OrangeJuice did some thing about KLAX Navigation, may be he can tell more about it.


This was a tidy up edit done by Moritz.


Looks great! Great sork FDS! Keep it up :)


Moritz redone the airport then I fixed ILS.