New Scenery Update


I am nust glad we have more than 4 gates here at KPIT 😂

Thanks @Levet!


Awkwardly sips on a caramel frappe waiting for KDAL to be edited…


Thank god OPIS IS ADDED. Waited too long.


It’s frappe* and KDAL has been edited by @ewanfleming but was a day too late to be added to the recent scenery push.

Catch it in the next one along with many others. :)

Edit: … if accepted.


I’ve just pushed the latest changes to If you haven’t heard of the website before, it’s a very simple map of all edited airports currently available in Infinite Flight. Thanks to the airport editors for their fantastic work! :)


Not all, there were some that were added, and some that were reworked


I know, that’s what I said


All airports will eventually be edited like many others available in-game.

Remember that we’re a relatively small group of active editors helping make this simulator great; we also volunteer most of our time to do this. The world is massive with thousands and thousands of airports. The only way for us to expedite this process is by having more people to help us — “Many hands make light work.”

Please consider joining us using the link in the main post. 🙂


thanks for the constant hard work!!


Mine is KBUF!! That airport is a great place to be intact I’m passing it as I’m typing this 😂👍🏼


It’s actually not yet accepted afaik, so there’s still plenary of scenarios that could happen lol


That would be @IFBR-Mauricio 😉 he did a great job editing Brazilian fields over the last month!


To whoever did this rework, I thank you a lot lol because it was getting on my nerves how off of real life it was


That’s something i love to hear. As I remember @IFBR-Mauricio joining this community and asked for a lot of things related to South America. This is why the Airport Editing Team is so great, as you as a user have the ability to affect such things.


I bet @BigBert10 will be bouncing off the walls when he hears KSJC.


I was already thrilled that it got updated!

Maybe even FNF there! Now I would really bounce off the walls!!! (Mark)


Thnk you for your great job!!! especially about RKSS and several Japanese airports worked-up:)


No ZUDC? World’s highest airport!


Awesome work to the Airport Editors! Nice to see JFK and LAX updates on the list and also many parts of Japan!


@Moritz and @schyllberg, I loved, and am loving, being part of the airport editing team; help Infinite Flight grow and see that everyone is satisfied with the results. I thank the entire Airport Edition team for enabling me to be part of the team. :)