New Scenery Update


Along with the latest app update, we pushed an update to the navigation and airport database.
This database contains all the airports and their ATC frequencies and navigation data such as: Fixes, VORs, etc.

169 airports have been worked on for this update thanks to the Airport Editing Team.
This means that for these 169 airports, some might contain fixes that have been reported in the community and some are totally new airports that we didn’t have previously.

Airport editing is a constant work to keep up to date with real world changes and adding more airports to Infinite Flight. The Airport Editing Team is doing an amazing job at adding content to Infinite Flight and anyone can join to help adding new airports or improving existing one.

If you would like to help, you can start here:

Here is the list of improved airports:


  • SBCA
  • SBGR
  • SBJF
  • SBJP
  • SBJU
  • SBJV
  • SBPL
  • SBPS
  • SBUL
  • SDUN
  • SNGA
  • SNJO


  • CYEV
  • CYSR
  • CYZU


  • LICT
  • LIEO
  • LIPA
  • LIRE
  • LIRS


  • VGHS


  • HSSS


  • GUFA

French Polynesia:

  • NTAA


  • LFBE
  • LFBI
  • LFLB
  • LFMP


  • VRMK

Ivory Coast:

  • DIAP


  • DNMM


  • ENBO
  • ENOL


  • DBBB


  • DGAA

United Kingdom:

  • EGAC
  • EGHC
  • EGMC
  • EGPN
  • EGSC
  • EGSH
  • EGTG
  • EGVN


  • YKII
  • YWLM
  • YWOL


  • OIBB
  • OIHS


  • FMEE
  • FMEP

Northern Mariana Islands:

  • PGRO
  • PGSN


  • EDDF
  • EDMN
  • EDNS


  • SCIE


  • OOMS


  • ZHCC
  • ZSPD
  • ZSSS
  • ZUUU


  • LEZL


  • UCFM


  • WA0K
  • WABE
  • WABK
  • WABO
  • WABQ
  • WABT
  • WAJK
  • WAJO
  • WAKJ
  • WASG
  • WIII
  • WT73
  • WW42
  • WX07
  • WX51
  • WZ43
  • WZ64


  • UDYZ

DR Congo:

  • FZAA
  • FZQA


  • EKSP
  • EKYT


  • RPMS
  • RPUR
  • RPVK


  • EFHK

United States:

  • 07MT
  • 2NC0
  • KAFN
  • KAID
  • KASH
  • KBMG
  • KBTR
  • KCNH
  • KCNY
  • KDFW
  • KEEN
  • KFAT
  • KFIT
  • KFLG
  • KFLL
  • KGSO
  • KGWB
  • KHOU
  • KICR
  • KISP
  • KJFK
  • KLAX
  • KLCI
  • KMCO
  • KMSY
  • KOXC
  • KPGD
  • KSAV
  • KSBA
  • KSJC
  • KSTL
  • KSWW
  • KTYS
  • KUUU
  • KXMR


  • ESNU
  • ESSA
  • ESSV


  • LDZA


  • URRP
  • URRR


  • LBWN


  • OPIS


  • FSIA


  • LPCR
  • LPPT


  • MMJA


  • DTTA


  • PGUA
  • PGUM

South Africa:

  • FALM
  • FAYP

Saint Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha:

  • FHSH


  • SKCL


  • LGAV


  • RJBK
  • RJCO
  • RJDB
  • RJDK
  • RJEB
  • RJFY
  • RJKA
  • RJKN
  • RJNA
  • RJNF
  • RJNO
  • RJNW
  • RJOC
  • RJOR
  • RJOW
  • RJSD
  • RJSI
  • RJSM
  • ROKJ
  • ROMD
  • RORA
  • RORK
  • RORT

South Korea:

  • RKSS


  • FBSK

Big thanks to the airport editors!



Thank’s for reworking the Frankfurt frequency’s as we have now Frankfurt arrival and Langen Radar as departure.


You guys are awesome! Can’t wait to check out all these new airports!


This is really awesome, two updates in one week. Love to the staff!


Not all airports are new. For example Frankfurt (EDDF/FRA) is not new.


The airports are updated, they were already in the game.


Glad to see KMSY is on the list ☺️



Awesome to see KJFK and KLAX on the list because I only fly those airports. Most of the time…


Love OPIS! ❤️❤️😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thanks for reworking KSJC.

Infinite Flight went ahead of the real world KSJC with the addition of Gates 31-34.

Here as you can see, there is an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 at Gate 30. Toward the right, you can see construction materials.

Here is where Gates 31-34 would be when construction is finished. Looking at KSJC on IF, Gates 31-34 is already there.

Thanks for going ahead of the real world. 👍✈️😊


As Val stated, some are completely new, some are updated. EDDF has been reworked


I saw that. Thanks for that!


Many thanks to editors who edited the airports of Brazil, and the other airports in the world! 😁


Excellent work guys.


My favorite part is that now a 737-800 can fit into the gate . Your wings used to be colliding with other aircraft before, lol


Another Montana airport? Awesome!

Thanks to everyone at the Airport Editing Team for this great update, I can’t wait to try out the reworked airports!


Thank so much for reworking my home airport!


Mini Info! 👇

Zia International Airport used be the name of the airport in Dhaka, The Capital of Bangladesh.
In 2010 they changed the name to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport and also the ICAO code to: VGHS.

Since its rework was done in IF, i’ve been flying there quite a lot recently with airlines like Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and Malaysian.

A Personal, Thank You! 🤝

I never got the chance to show my appreciation to the Airport Editing Team with the amazing work they did with reworking VGHS. They added gates, and taxiways, none which were existent in IF in the old airport before the rework was made.

A big thanks to you guys from the bottom of my heart ❤️
It truly feels amazing to land at my home country’s airport, the first airport i had ever been to, the first one i ever flew from IRL ✈
It’s always a magical feeling to head back to Bangladesh and i know some here on IFC that feels the same about their local airport 😄

@BigBert10 | KSJC 😜
👆 To mention a few…

Hard Work Pays Off! 💪

And of course a big round of applause for editing so many other airport all around the globe, this is some magnificent team work, have been able to visit some of these newly added ones ann reworked ones and can say that you guys have once again outdone yourself with what you do, a Gold Star to you all, no 5 Golden Stars for your continuous amazing work and making our experience better as pilots flying in and out of these airports daily and for ATC to control these beautiful aerospaces!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Like I said, the real world KSJC doesn’t even have Gates 31-34 yet so I’m really grateful that IF went above and beyond and went ahead of the real world.

Thanks FDS!!!