New Scenery Update


Thanks! All done! Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything before I fly ✌🏻


Wow! I thank you for your time an effort that goes with such a brilliant brand! Great job, I won’t have to get Xplae 11 at this rate. =D


What on earth happened to NZMF?😅😂 it’s a quite a challenge flying through those abstract landscape formations, which have been added. Great to know you’re working on airport updates though👍


Amazing job airport team! keep up the good work looking forward to flying into these new airports in the near future


Ayyyy the hill at LGA is gone wohoooo


We are working on that :)


Don’t forget about the best airport edited this time around…


Looks like your country could do with a hair cut! These are presents generously donated by IF to hone your flying skills.


I also noticed that it shows you other pilot’s flight plans. I’m really happy about that one!

Thanks for all of the hard work! Keep it up!


Thank you @ValXp for improving EPWA. 😉


nice to see an update to EGNX :)


Thanks so much for the update guys!

It’s really nice to have another edited airport in Montana! Thanks to whoever redid it:-)


Enjoyed it today, until a layer of weather settled over three rivers. Forced a hasty retreat to rwny32.


Oh ya it has been raining for like 2 days now, and then on Easter, the definition of spring it will snow😔


Did the IKEA approach Serve you well?


@ValXp Thanks for the post. What should I do if I find any issues with airport layouts in Infinite Flight?


Use the search feature next time. All I typed in was “airport issues” and a whole index of topics came up. Thanks!


Thank you man @Starley :)


Finally happy that Travis Air Force Base has more than one place to start now


If you put it that way… I guess it’s good then 😅