New Scenery Update


Great job! Looks amazing. Keep up the amazing work!


Jake :)


Ok, now I get it. Lol


Hey, and Colombia???


Thanks to the airport editing team for those improvements


First off, I just need to say that Infinite Flight is arguably the best mobile flight simulator ever made. The professionalism is amazing. The community is great too, you guys did a great job. However, I am currently experiencing an issue at KDTW. Ive tried to get in the air 5 times, but my plane will go right through the ground. Happened 4 times while taxing, and once on the runway. I’ll try and restart my device.


If you click on “Clear Scenery Cache” in the general-settings you shouldn’t have that problem anymore.


Glad to see my home airport FACT reworked.

Thank you FDS🤗


I’m really looking forward to this you’re all doing a great job !


I saw on the list KFSD was edited. Thank you! I’ll check it out after work.


Thanks!!! Keep up the great work Airport Editing Team.


We added large amounts in some places :)


We will take a look at that on our side, and see if anything needs to be fixed, Thanks for letting us know!


Aswell, Try Clearing your cache, like @Starley showed above, but it is a problem we are working on right now.


Not to sound needy or to complain, but what about KDAL?


Have you reported the issue to the airport editing team?


What was wrong with KDFW?


Nothing was wrong, just occasional little tweeks and fixes, every airport gets them at some point even if they are perfectly edited.


Wow! Super! Gute Arbeit


When I opened infinite flight it just said ‘updating navigation databases’ is that all that needs to be done or is there something else I’m missing?

Just making sure I’m up to date 😂


That’s it, just wait for it to finish and you’re all set :)