New Scenery Update


Now we just need some taxiway lights for night!


Kind of hoping my hometown KSGF gets an edit soon


Editing Team, could you rework KLAS because of the big “cliffs” at takeoff for runways 1L, 1R, 26R, And 26L? Thanks!


Does anyone in Australia know of the airport, Newcastle. It is about 150nm north of sydney, and havent seen it on the IF map.


YWLM (Williamtown) :)


I know that Hanoi (VVNB) isn’t on this list but the runways on that airport used to on top of each other which they aren’t anymore. When was that fixed?


KMSP is completed and should be in IF for quite some time now


Nice work! Does this also update the AIRAC cycle?


Excuse me but what do you expect us to do?


I’m SO glad that mountain at LGA was fixed. You guys are amazing!


LTFM in Istanbul is missing. Anyone can work that out?


Since the airport altitude is probably correct (based on the official charts) we can’t do anything about it. Cliffs around airports can occur when the airport is built with a slope. We can only set one altitude for the entire airport area within the boundary. If this altitude is higher than the areas right next to the fence the cliffs will appear


Thank u for so much JAPAN:)


Sick new profile picture Val! And thanks for this FDS! Greatly appreciated :D


Keep in mind those in the airport editing team are volunteers.

If you want that airport edited: Why don’t you join by clicking this link and help out? :)


This is not a feature request or airport request thread.

Please utilize the correct topic to request specific airports or join the editing effort to complete your desired airport.


Kudos to the airport editing team! Phenomenal bunch of volunteers and an asset we’re so fortunate to have! Cheers guys!!



Fredericton and Thunder Bay are done! I knew this day would come 🔥


Awesome. Thanks for the post to let us know!!!


The LGA mound is gone!