New Scenery Update

Thanks for bringing SHA, one of the busiest Chinese airports to IF!

Oh I know🙃 I have been waiting a while…

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So Mt Guardia is at Runway 22 is gone. I will miss it that wonder of NYC.


Sweet I wish KMSP on was on the list but love to see the improved scenery! We appreciate what you do!

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Check out KRND. This one took me a while to edit


Geez. Looks amazing. 💯 Almost looks like some alien space craft. The center in particular.


Thank goodness KLGA has been fixed, finally I don’t have to land into LaGuardia Mountain!

That LGA bug fix was long overdue, much appreciated!

It looks like you can take off now at KLGA!


I will ready up an F22 tomorrow and investigate it.

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Does that mean l no longer have to use that converter after finalizing my fpl with simbrief !!!

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Thank you for updating KFSD!!

I think l will head out to KXTA… grab a Black Manta… and land in the middle of that big crop circle !!!

Thanks guys! This is an awesome improvement for LGA

KSEF Sebrings Regional

Wow, you guys included Sebrings International Raceway!


Mountains are fixed but the airport maybe not


@ValXp, Any word on when we might see the terrain added back to the map? Or the airways?

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One of my favorite AFB’s!! Looks fantastic!

I think it’s race time! 😂😂😂

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Glad I get to see airports I work on released more frequently than every update!

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