New Scenery Update

The big hill at the end of RWY22 at LGA is now gone! Now I can fly into LGA if 22 is in use :)


Check out Minot AFB (KMIB) too if y’all like military bases 😉


I’m hoping the Update to KLGA gets rid of that Hill at the end of one of the runways rendering it unusable

that will be really nice

It’s been removed @Davidk


@Levet knows all my airports, my grandpa was military police there for a few years… thanks!

Awesome work airport Editing Team!

Thanks for bringing SHA, one of the busiest Chinese airports to IF!

Oh I know🙃 I have been waiting a while…

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So Mt Guardia is at Runway 22 is gone. I will miss it that wonder of NYC.


Sweet I wish KMSP on was on the list but love to see the improved scenery! We appreciate what you do!

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Check out KRND. This one took me a while to edit


Geez. Looks amazing. 💯 Almost looks like some alien space craft. The center in particular.


Thank goodness KLGA has been fixed, finally I don’t have to land into LaGuardia Mountain!

That LGA bug fix was long overdue, much appreciated!

It looks like you can take off now at KLGA!


I will ready up an F22 tomorrow and investigate it.

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Does that mean l no longer have to use that converter after finalizing my fpl with simbrief !!!

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Thank you for updating KFSD!!

I think l will head out to KXTA… grab a Black Manta… and land in the middle of that big crop circle !!!