New Scenery Update

Now you tell me an app and developers that dont care other than infinite flight ? Awesome work and it’s continuous for all these years the founders and FDS as well as many contributors are on top of this beautiful simulator! Thank You again !

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Wow sounds great

Would that be large amounts of new ones or not?

I love airport editing, I edited SBRB and SBCZ!


Wow, very good … May they come more

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Awesome! Can’t wait to fly to and from some of these.

I did notice an airport that closed recently by me. Is there anyway to report this to the editing team?

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Sure just PM me or another of the Supervisors and we will check our databases and take action.


The big hill at the end of RWY22 at LGA is now gone! Now I can fly into LGA if 22 is in use :)


Check out Minot AFB (KMIB) too if y’all like military bases 😉


I’m hoping the Update to KLGA gets rid of that Hill at the end of one of the runways rendering it unusable

that will be really nice

It’s been removed @Davidk


@Levet knows all my airports, my grandpa was military police there for a few years… thanks!

Awesome work airport Editing Team!

Thanks for bringing SHA, one of the busiest Chinese airports to IF!

Oh I know🙃 I have been waiting a while…

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So Mt Guardia is at Runway 22 is gone. I will miss it that wonder of NYC.


Sweet I wish KMSP on was on the list but love to see the improved scenery! We appreciate what you do!

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Check out KRND. This one took me a while to edit


Geez. Looks amazing. 💯 Almost looks like some alien space craft. The center in particular.


Thank goodness KLGA has been fixed, finally I don’t have to land into LaGuardia Mountain!