New Scenery Update

I live in Japan and I am extremely grateful that I improved many of the Japanese airports.


Thank you so much for all of your hard work. The IF team is incredible.

Ryan like details lol

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In case you were unaware, airports are being added to the library on a daily basis. The complete set of edit airports (and the to-do) airports can be found on this site

You can drill down by country and see what is done and what is still to do. This site is updated each time airport edit is completed. In addition you can drill into each airport and find the spawn locations and taxiway names.

Let me know if you need any help or if you find any errors.



Thought i’d add a few things to the layout ;)

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Nice Job although most of the airports are airports we don’t often fly too It’s a step forward into making the game even bette :) I’m glad the Hill will be gone at lga

Hi I’m just curious since I don’t have live anymore, has Incheon Terminal 2 been updated by the editing team?


Doesn’t seem like it, next time please just click on the link provided by Kilt above and it’ll help you find your answer. Thanks!


As Matthew says, the satellite image isn’t available to draw over.

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Nice one step closer to 3D graphics also just some input KDFW looked great and looks way better.

Currently being reworked

This is not the place to report these kind of issues. Please have a look at the topic below. Thank you! :)


ok thank you
I was looking for this

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OPIS will come:

Great work and incredible spread of regions updated! Love flying home town FACT in hi quality now. Thanks team.


I would to mention there’s a new airport at St.Vincent

Argyle airport, build to replace the old secondary airport TVSV

there are also many pictures about the overview of that airport

Please keep in mind that we need the airport to show on google maps or some other map services to edit it precisely. As far as I can see on google earth, the latest images still show the airport under construction.


Hi @Airborne971,

may be you want to join the airport editing team?
Have a look here:
Getting started with airport editing

Even if you did not join us, it might help you reading to understand that a wide screenshot from google does not help editing an airport in WED.

And I can ensure you that all airport editors are able to use google in a way that helps. Or Bing were google fail, or even yandex.

If an editor gets intressted he will edit this airport, but there is NO way in getting it done faster then doing it yourself!

Kind regards, Tom


Rogger that

huumm , I will think about it

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