New Scenery Update [ Update: Cancelled ]

Brilliant Job Guys! Would love to see more improvements in Indian airports and more fixes / Nav aids etc

Dush is right. It will also be featured on Wednesday for the ATC schedule. Enjoy it! :)


Airport team u are amazing


Great job guys!

A bit angry no PVD…

But still great job!

Thank you guys. Enormously grateful for the work put in.

Sadly EG10 seems to be missing.

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I’m sure PVD is coming eventually, especially with Project New England

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Nice work, Infinite Flight team!

OMG just noticed this!!! 100% going to be the first airport I fly!

Angry? At least KPVD is edited…

Yes it may not exactly match the current real life version of it but it’s still detailed enough for you to use.

Please have some patience, it’s not like Infinite Flight will disappear forever tomorrow. I have a life, as well as other editors, and cannot edit 24/7. It will be updated soon, I promise. Remember that there’s still other airports in the New England region that are not even edited yet. Those are priority right now. :)


Thank you guys. Great job. :)

I don’t really mean angry, more like disappointed. You are doing great though!

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Aww, one of my airport listed in Best Island Airport!

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Gwangju AB looks amazing!! Thank you! Now I just need some ROKAF Slam Eagles and some ROKAF vipers an im in business lol. Outstanding work as always cheers!

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I cannot wait to see new airports in South America with the satelite scenery when it comes… that will be awesome!


Thanks for another great edition of airports! You are amazing! Keep it up!

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It still looks the same as the current satellite image. I can’t do anything until new imagery comes out.


Introducing New Pavement Types

Did you know that all types of pavement now are visible within Infinite Flight?

All pavement types are now in Infinite Flight. So, grass, dirt, snow, gravel and dry lake bed (same texture as dirt) pavements will show in the app.

Prior to this, all of those textures above showed as concrete.

Snow - AT17

Dry Lake Bed - YMRW

Grass - N51

Go out and check this awesome new feature brought to you by ValXp

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Wow, good catch there!

That certainly helps making airports more realistic

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KFFZ Crashes the app when I try to start there or anywhere near there.

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