New Scenery Editor Announced on YouTube!

Laura is announcing our new secret airport/scenery editor NOW on youtube! Check it out:


Wait what?

I’m confused…


That’s exciting
Can’t wait to see editors can edit on their iPads 😊

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Tune in and be confused no more.


So i see gatwick…

when is this coming in terms of an update? the next one? a future one?

Now. That. Is. Awesome.


Most likely the next one, but no answer yet :)

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No launch date for this. It hasn’t been tested at scale and developers have had to merge the 2D and the 3D process. Still some work to do.


This looks really cool. Awesome work devs!

Will this allow for gate animations?


So this is what you were typing in the stream… ngl worth it

That’s really cool!

So I just saw the 21.6 livestream and wow!! Gatwick 3D airbridge WIP (and what a great looking 3D model) and this ongoing iPad-based airport modeler! What a cool development!

So that answers my question about when unique 3D models will start showing up at terminals haha.

Did I also see new apron textures at KOAK, perhaps related to the new modeler? And related to that, is there the potential to add some additional apron markings in the future by chance (ie hold short lines with runway numbering, engine warning areas at the gate, or something of that sort)?

Exciting news, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds with these new features. Sounds like 21.6 was a great milestone for the backend in Infinite Flight — nice job again! Until we hear more developments I will be enjoying the various current features from the last couple updates!

Edit: I realize that the apron texture is the same that we currently have, the square concrete slabs just appear to be much more pronounced in the editor!


Why did I read this as “secret weapon” 🤣


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